Indigenous Alaskan Games Studio Wants To Ensure We’re Never Alone

One of the things I most enjoy about my videogames is the way they allow imaginative people to tell stories that I can interact with and, if it’s done well, be emotionally touched by. In recent years, the diversity and range of stories being told has – outside of the mainstream, at least – increased exponentially.

Thanks to games, I’ve been able to empathise with the struggles of a young lesbian, discovering her sexuality and coming out to her family (Gone Home). I’ve been able to explore an allegorical corporate landscape warning of the dangers of homogeneity and conformity, encouraging critical thought and parodying the medium itself (Stanley Parable) and I’ve been able to play Journey, which seems to hold a different meaning to almost everyone who plays it. Games are brilliant, in part, because of the way they can engage you in stories you might not otherwise encounter.


Now a studio in Alaska is using the medium to help impart some of its indigenous people’s ancient stories via this thoroughly modern medium.

Kisima Ingitchuna means “Never Alone” in Iñupiaq and it is a puzzle platformer from Upper One Games – the first indigenous game studio in the US. It tells the story of Nuna and her friend, an arctic fox. They must work together to navigate the harsh landscape and perhaps learn a few lessons along the way. The game features a pretty, atmospheric style while managing to also appear cute and inviting as it introduces us to the traditional stories of Alaskan native peoples.

There’s no date on it just yet but it has been announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We’ll keep an eye on this one and let you know how it’s coming along as more news becomes available.

Source: Press release



  1. Think TSA mentioned this around four months ago or so… hope the development is going well. It looked charming as hell! :-)

    • “charming as hell”

      The most Oxy of morons I think I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. Well done ^_^

      • Bunimomike – putting the moron into oxymoron. I thank you! *tips hat* :-)

  2. It looks utterly charming, i want it.
    I also have a sudden craving for Fox’s Glacier Mints.. ;)

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