New Fatal Frame Launching For Wii U In September

Tecmo KOEI and Nintendo has announced that Fatal Frame: The Raven Haired Shrine Maiden will launch this September in Japan. This latest instalment in the series, often referred to overseas as “Project Zero”, combines classic video game horror with enhanced visuals and Wii U gamepad functionality.


Unlike other series such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Fatal Frame doesn’t rely on third person combat-heavy sequences. Instead, the game centres around the Camera Obscura, a unique device that allows players to see spirits and even attack them if needs be.

There’s no word on a EU version as of yet. A localised version does seem likely, however, especially after Tecmo KOEI released Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, a remake of 2003’s Crimson Butterfly with seemingly little appeal outside the Fatal Frame fandom.



  1. Great stuff. As a horror fan I’ve always enjoyed the Project Zero games. Hopefully this makes it to the West given PZ4 never did.

  2. Why Wii U! I want to finally play one of these games in Glorious HD! I played the first 2 for about 12 and a half minutes -Combined- before i shit my pants and turned them off.

    The reason i turned one of them off isnt even because of a ghost… funny story (maybe?) I was just scanning around a room for ghost presence, like the indicator said there was, after completing about half of my planned 360 degree turn, i was blessed with the sisters face.. Right in the camera. Was my scariest gaming moment, ever.

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