North American Xbox One Sales Double Without Kinect

Microsoft’s E3 seems to have done them the world of good. The Xbox One’s sales in North America for June were double those in May. That’s no doubt partially down to the cheaper retail price of the console now that it’s sans Kinect.

The figure is based on Microsoft’s own internal data that takes into account the “retail calendar” and sold-through number but since it’s a comparison to their own sales figures from a previous month, the criteria is less important when they’re saying it rose by “more than double.”


The company itself is crediting the blind, deaf $399 console-only package for the success but Microsoft is also keen to point out that they announced and showcased some of their games library at the start of June and that enthusiasm for games like Sunset Overdrive, Forza horizon 2 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a likely reason for gamers finally taking the plunge with a new Microsoft console.

The sales success is likely to be little comfort to the 18,000 people they’re making jobless after the acquisition of Nokia required a bit of pruning. Most of those jobs are related to the mobile business though, with the Xbox division remaining mostly unharmed by the one-fifth reduction in staff.

Source: Xbox Wire



  1. Not surprised it selling better without Kinect, people don’t like being spied on!!!

  2. Peter Chapman! Blind, deaf $399 Xbox One? Have you just hit on the worst bit of marketing ever?

    New! The Xbox One: Helen Keller edition. Only $399.

    • I think you meant to say Anne Frank. She was deaf, dumb and blind.

      • Ummm, no he didn’t – Pretty sure he had it right.

        Helen Keller was the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree & who ‘The Miracle Worker’ was based on.

        Anne Frank was a Jewish refugee who hid from ze germans in her concealed rooms in her fathers workplace. She was neither deaf nor blind. She also wasn’t dumb, but did have to keep particularly quiet!

  3. It’s alot about perception and Kinect was bad PR baggage, even if it is technically good.

  4. Didn’t it sell hardly anything in May though because the Kinectless version was coming out in June? So double of hardly anything isnt that great to be honest. I would expect sales to be triple or quadruple of those in May.

    • Totally agree with 176% of what you just said JR.

    • that’s a good point, well made.

    • I also expected more than double.
      Could it be that all console sales are down for this month due to the summer lull?

  5. Would be interesting to see June figures compared to PS4 figures. If they are similar then MS done okay as I would imagine there would be most of the numbers from May waiting to buy cheaper version getting them in June, so its almost two months worth of figures. If that still doesn’t beat PS4 figures then its not a good result for them.
    Perhaps July figures would be better indication of whether dropping kinnect was a good idea.

  6. Going to be interesting to see if they sustain those sales, they made the announcement quite early so many people would have probably held off until the new bundles were released.

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