Eutechnyx Hit By Layoffs As Company Refocuses

Eutechnyx, the developers behind the NASCAR video games and online free to play title Auto Club Revolution, are reportedly going through a round of layoffs, as they look to restructure and refocus their business. MCV UK are reporting that 19 staff members are entering consultation periods, but this comes off the back of layoffs back in February of this year, with saw 12 people leave.

The company’s ZeroLight division however, which has been spun off into a distinct entity, will see 25 new job openings, as they have found extra funding to expand their creation of virtual 3D showrooms. Also, their work in bringing Auto Club Revolution to China and Japan has seen them partner with local publishers, which seems to be a pivoting point for the company’s business.


Speaking to MCV, CEO Darren Jobling said, “2014 saw Eutechnyx announce Auto Club Revolution & ACR Drift in cooperation with experienced partners in China and Japan. This experience has demonstrated the significant benefits of working with specialist publishers in specific markets, and has shaped the Eutechnyx strategy going forward.”

What this doesn’t tell us is anything about what those staff were working on and if any existing projects have been cancelled as a consequence. The NASCAR series has a cult following amongst racers on TSA, and fans of the games would no doubt be eager to see it make the jump to PS4 and XBO as soon as possible. So fingers crossed, eh?

Naturally, we wish all those affected by these cuts luck in finding fresh employment within the industry.

Source: MCV



  1. Sorry to here job losses in the gaming industry especially a local (to me) company which has produced some great games.
    ACR is growing into a very good game, the pre-alpha test was better than I thought so I’m looking forward to see what improvements there’ll be for the beta.
    I hope NASCAR is still coming to the PS4.

  2. Sorry to hear this, all the best everyone!

    • Indeed, and especially if it involves our racing team mate!

      • Grand so far :)

      • Good to hear bud, although worrying times for your colleagues.

  3. Eutechnyx made sub par Nascar games like EA sports and deserves this. They skipped next gen consoles for their latest release, would never listen to fan feedback on their forums, and their patches usually made their games worse. Just go on YouTube and look at the glitchy products they made. I hope codemasters starts making Nascar games because the last great console game was dirt to Daytona on the freaking ps2.

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