Toukiden Extreme Gets New Trailer & Skill System

Toukiden launched just over a year ago in Japan and is already set to receive its first major expansion next month. Dubbed Toukiden Kiwami or “Toukiden Extreme”, this standalone revised version of the game will be released on August 28th, including new features and additions.

Chief among these add-ons are three new weapon-types including the naginata, spiked club, and rifle. On top of that, players can expect new Oni to slay and challenges to tackle.


Even the Mitama system is getting a bit of a shake-up. In a nutshell, each Mitama has four prescribed active skills mapped to the Vita’s face buttons. These skills mitigate a variety of buffs when in battle though some are pretty useless or just don’t mix well with others. In Kiwami, the game will allow players to customise their own load-out, slotting up to four skills of their choosing.

We reviewed Toukiden earlier this year and, though not as strong as Monster Hunter, the series definitely has legs and could become a PlayStation Vita flagship in the near future.