The Last Of Us Remastered Is Being Streamed On Twitch Right Now

It appears that Walmart has broken the street date for The Last Of Us Remastered, as Twitch user Jgdogg has acquired a copy through buying it at the store. He is streaming the game right now, and obviously there will be spoilers if you haven’t played The Last Of Us before. He has shown that the touchpad brings up an inventory, but other than that doesn’t seem to have any other uses. Some sounds are played out of the dualshock 4’s speaker, such as the click of the torch.

It looks very nice with sharper graphics than the PS3 version. Apparently there hasn’t been any framerate issues and if you want to check out the stream now is the time, because no doubt Sony will be looking to get the stream shut down as fast as possible. The game is due out in just over a week, so Jgdogg is a very lucky gamer.

Source: Twitch



  1. Sod lol

  2. Dear Lord this looks good.

    Watching someone else playing this really makes me want to downstairs and turn on the PS3 version again.

    But trying to hold out for the remastered version.

    Greatest game I’ve ever played.

  3. You mean Sony aren’t suspending this guys account for being lucky enough to receive his bought and paid for copy of the game a few days early? That’s madness!

  4. Just cancelled my preorder for this, because I can’t afford it sadly. Saying that, it doesn’t look much different from the PS3 version, but it doesn’t help I’ve watched the stream during the ugliest and worst part of the game.

  5. I’m the one person not to have played TLOU on PS3 and after watching a couple of fight sequences I’m not overly impressed. Also, and I know I’ll get kicked from TSA for such heresy but, it looks too much like a very narrow path to walk so as to keep to the heavily scripted storyline, like a movie with occasional button presses. I’m going to give this a miss on PS4 as well. Sorry.

    • Well, that’s the beauty of TLOU, you can really choose how to do those fight scenes your self and some of them, even sneak around.

      The path in the game is narrow, just like in the Uncharted games, but you still choose how to deal with the enemies in the different areas.

    • There is a few levels where its not quite that straight forward and you can move around quite freely. I completed it 3 times and went about certain levels completely different each time.

    • The Last of Us is a very linear game but it’s strengths are in the characters, their story and in the beautifully rich and brutal world Naughty Dog have created. From the incredibly tense and heartbreaking opening, I was hooked and the journey is like nothing else I have experienced in a game before. You really do owe it to yourself to rent it at least. I played the game twice on ps3; once on normal difficulty and again on survivor and it was a completely different experience. Survivor is how this game is meant to be played.

      • I found the first couple of hours a bit boring, but once a relationship/bond starts forming between Joel and Ellie is when the story really takes off. It’s definitely worth a play through mate, just for the story, characters & camera work etc

      • That was aimed at you Amphlett – Play it!!! lol

    • I’m the same except I played the game, just didn’t impress me and if I’m honest I didn’t even finish it, the last few levels I played I was basically forcing myself to play so I gave up and sold it. So yeah I’m gonna give it a miss besides there’s Diablo 3 , metro collection in August then destiny September

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