Table Top Racing Speeding On To Vita On August 6th

Playrise Digital has announced that Table Top Racing will be releasing on Vita next month, August 6th in the UK & Europe while North America gets it August 5th. The game originally released on mobile devices but has had some work done to it, with the Vita version getting twice the polygons, a controllable accelerator and brake, and a rear view ability that can be activated by tapping the console’s rear touch panel.

The game has found its inspirations from the likes of Mario Kart and Micro Machines, with the tracks certainly looking like they’d belong in the latter. There will be weapons included to trip up opponents with, including bombs, EMPs and missile launches. Table Top Racing will also support both ad-hoc and online multiplayer for up to four players. It could prove to be something that could be very fun to play.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Yeah, another AAA tile for my Vita :(

    Its a shame the VITA has not lived up to what was promised when i purchased it at launch, lesson learned there.

  2. Hope it’s good, love a bit of Micro Machines.

  3. Maybe if the price is right… I’m very cautious on mobile ports…

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