TSA FIFA World Cup: Final Result

Germany won the real-life World Cup a little over a week ago thanks to an extra time goal from Gotze, while Dutch national coach Louis Van Gaal moaned that no team ever wants to play in the third place playoff match, but back here at TSA we’ve just seen our very own final and third place playoff played. So how did the players get on? Who was crowned TSA FIFA World Cup champion? Who came 2nd, 3rd and 4th? Read on to find out.

Third Place Playoff

After defeats in their respective semi-finals, XBLakie_ChanX (Greece) and LegendishThingy (Austria) tough it out for the bronze medals. I’ll hand you straight over to LegendishThingy’s write-up for this one, since he did such a sterling job!

Blakie Chan and I just played our 3rd/4th place playoff and it’s made me realise that playing on manual is killing me. Or at least I need to find a way to practice my shooting! I had 7 shots to Blakie’s 3, of which I only managed 2 on target.

It finished 1-0 to Blakie Chan, despite the fact that I was on top for large periods of the match. The possession stats were 60-40 after half time but Blakie had more of the ball in the second half, so it ended up 56-44.

In the first half I piled on a fair bit of pressure when I had three very quick corners in a row which all dropped to one of my DMFs on the edge of the area and come the third one I cracked an absolute stonker of a volley against the bar. Nonetheless, Blakie managed to withstand my pressure. Where the Greeks were proving dangerous was the dreaded chipped through ball over the defence, but apart from one occasion late on in the half, I was dealing with it fine.

The second half was a far more open affair but I just couldn’t break down the Greek’s solid five man defence. Eventually, in typical FIFA fashion, Blakie managed to hit me on the counter down the wing in the 90th minute and put a cross in that Georgios Samaras was always going to get his head on, leaving me 1-0 down with no time to spare.

So bad luck LegendishThingy and well done to XBLakie_Chan.

Final score: XBLakie_ChanX (Greece) 1-0 LegendishThingy (Austria)

Grand Final

The big final saw YungJones (Cameroon) face off against PILLAI7 (France). YungJones started clear favourite after his triumphant victory in the TSA Ultimate Team Competition but could PILLAI7 cause an upset? Read YungJones’ match summary below to find out:

PILLAI7 and I played our final match yesterday and it was a good one to say the least. The match started off with a quick pace as PILLAI7′s France came knocking on my door for an early goal, I was able to counter and get the first goal. Soon after that I doubled my lead and after a lucky ball that dropped to one of my players feet I was able to go three up. PILLAI7 wanted to grab a goal before the end of the first half and saw an effort hit the post and gobbled up by my keeper on the line.

Onto the second half and PILLAI7 put his foot on the gas pedal and was really trying to break down my defence with his fast French players, luckily my defence stayed firm. The second half remained a battle of France attack vs. the Cameroon defence and thankfully I was able to see out the last 45 mins without a goal conceded.

Final score YungJones (Cameroon) 3-0 Pilla17 (France)

So there we have it, YungJones is champion yet again. In both tournaments that we’ve had in FIFA 14, he is yet to be beaten by anybody, which is quite some record!

Final Positions:

  1. YungJones (Cameroon)
  2. PILLAI7 (France)
  3. XBLakie_ChanX (Greece)
  4. LegendishThingy (Austria)

Big thanks again to Stefan (or Teflon or whatever he likes to be called these days) [Please, call me Fred – Fred] for helping me organise this so well. Another big thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to all four listed above for finishing so high! 


  1. Yung’s simply too good, it’s ludicrous.

    Congrats to the four that got this far. Just a shame my favoured Austrians stuttered so at the semis and finals…

    • I’m sure we can find someone that can beat him…

      • I want a go, just not with Austria…

  2. congratulations double champion YungJones!
    unbeaten is quite a record!

  3. I was in the first group stages matches of the last tournament with YungJones and I marked him out then as a class act.

    Well done YungJones, you’re a FIFA legend!

  4. Congratulations yung and we’ll played all and thanks TSA for a great tourney.

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