First Look At The Live-Action Halo: Nightfall Series

More Halo: Nightfall news has spilled out of Comic-con this week, as well as our first look at the series via a teaser trailer. The trailer gives us a quick glimpse of a scene involving the recently revealed character, Agent Jameson Locke, and his team of soldiers. Locke is being portrayed by actor Mike Colter, and it was also revealed at Comic-con that he’ll be doing the voice work for the same role in Halo 5: Guardians, and that he’ll be a playable character.


Halo: Nightfall is a collaborative project between Showtime and 343, with director Ridley Scott at the helm. It takes place prior to the events of Halo 5: Guardians, and although 343 have noted that it will flesh out the story if you know what’s going on in Nightfall, they’ve also been quick to note that it’s not necessary and you won’t be left behind if you don’t catch the show.

If you need something else to hold you over until the show begins airing in November, we’ve also got a batch of images, which again focus on Locke and his team.

Source: YouTube, VG247, Polygon



  1. Looks like they’ve got the production values needed to pull this off, but I’m not a fan of how gritty 343 is taking the Halo Universe. I preferred the colourful look of the old games.

  2. It does look very much made for TV. I thought it might have looked a bit better with Ridley Scott on board

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