More New Features Coming Soon To Titanfall

Another sizable update is coming to Titanfall at the end of this month, just ahead of the second DLC map pack. This marks the fifth major update since the game launched back in March. Aside from updates to the PC version to squash several well-known bugs and add support for multiple GPUs, we’re seeing even more post-launch feature implementation from Respawn.

This time it comes in the form of a “black-market currency system” that allows users to sell their unwanted burn cards. The currency can also be earned through completing matches, and will be available in excess after hitting level 50, as some of the XP that would’ve been earned after reaching max level will be converted to currency. You can also stockpile currency through the new daily challenges, which are objectives that will be swapped out every day and reward you for their successful completion.


So what can you do with this currency? You can buy burn cards you actually want via the new in-game market, as well as new titan insignias that will only be available in the market. The cards will come in themed packs so you have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting, even though you can’t explicitly see the cards when you buy them.

Finally, Respawn addressed the concern that this currency system might pave the way for microtransactions in the future. They again made it clear that microtransactions will never come to Titanfall, just as they promised long ago.

Check out the shots below for a quick preview of the black-market and currency system in action.

Source: Titanfall Official Site



  1. I’m surprised to hear about this game again. It was received as a true genre changer but it lost momentum a week after release.

    • I’d say it was more like a month to be honest. But that’s what it’s like with just about every game except GTA.

  2. I recently bought Titanfall with a discount thanks to Gold, my main concern is that the balancing in (the poorly implemented) story-mode is awful. My good-guys team has yet to win a single battle. It seems the baddies always get more high level players.

    But it actually manages to still stay quite a lot of fun.

  3. Do people still play this, i jumped on the PC version last night and didnt find a full lobby once. Plus every time you quit out of a lobby it disconnects you from the servers and then you cant reconnect so have to reboot the game. Utter horse crap of a game.

    • There’s a large playerbase on Xbox, and that disconnect is not something I’ve ever experienced. Not even on PC, where I had other problems.

  4. Only had it since the last update.

    • Ah, ok. I’ve not played the PC version for a while. Moved over to Xbox. If it’s a widespread bug, it’ll probably be fixed shortly.

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