Get Ready To Climax In Bayonetta 2’s Multiplayer Mode

Some new information has been released about Bayonetta 2’s multiplayer mode, called Tag Climax, which has players pairing up to take on various monsters in different stages. The mode will allow you to play with friends, complete strangers, or by yourself with an AI partner. Each stage is represented by a Verse Card, but players won’t have access to all of them. So you’ll have to unlock them in some way, likely through story progression and completing other stages.

The difficulty can be adjusted but players will have to spend Halos, the in game currency, to do so. If the stage is beaten then the reward is a high amount of Halos. You can also bet Halos against other players on things like who will get the higher score in a match, which adds to the competitive side of things. The currency will allow players to unlock new techniques and equipment, like weapons to use in battle.

Source: Siliconera