Telltale Confirms We’ll See A Third Season Of The Walking Dead

San Diego Comic-con turned out to be quite the boon for gaming news last week, as many developers revealed new bits of info about upcoming projects, including Telltale Games.

At a panel consisting of Telltale president Kevin Bruner, and the creator of the Walking Dead comics, Robert Kirkman, it was confirmed that a third season of The Walking Dead game will indeed see the light of day.


Since we’re still waiting on the finale for season two, it’s probably way too early to speculate on when it will actually come to fruition or when we’ll even hear about it again, but fans of the series will no doubt be excited to see the franchise continue.

Source: Polygon



  1. I think I might just wait on season 3. Pick up the season pass cheap in a sale sometime after episode 3 is released, and then wait until all 5 episodes are released before playing it all.

    The wait between episodes kind of ruins things. They need to get them all out much quicker. Not all at once, because 5 episodes like that would be too much. Monthly (and stick to that schedule) would work. Weekly (or maybe every other week) would be even better.

    But that would probably involve them finishing the whole game and then slowly releasing it while they work on one of the other series. Which sounds almost sensible. Can’t be having that, can we?

    • I’m with you on this. I’d love weekly/fortnightly episodes. I played the first three episodes of season two back to back and loved it but I had a long wait for episode four which I played recently. Now I don’t know if it was the wait or the fact that it was just a really poor episode but I found the whole thing extremely dull.

      SPOILERS… Maybe it was intentional but it all feels so pointless now that they’ve escaped the camp and Carver is gone. Most of the interesting characters are dead and it’s its hard to care about the ones that are left because they all seem to be selfish and out for themselves. I expected something new to happen in episode four to keep the story going but it was filled with so many mundane tasks/conversations and was basically just cleaning up after the events in the third episode. That’s fine in a sixteen episode TV show but in a short, five episode game you expect something great to happen in each one. This is another argument for finishing the game and releasing it weekly/fortnightly. They could actually write a decent, we’ll structured plot. After episode four it feels like they’re just making it up as they go along.

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