InFamous: First Light Will Be Getting A Disc Release In Europe On September 10th

Sony has announced that inFamous: First Light will be getting a disc release in  Europe on September 10th, though a price point is yet to confirmed. The news came via a tweet from the PlayStation Europe account, where a picture of the game’s cover was also shown off.  First Light tells the story of Fetch and the events of her life leading up to Second Son, exploring her time in Curdun Cay.



The digital copy, which can be preordered here,  is priced at £11.99, so hopefully the physical release won’t be too much more. I enjoyed my time with Second Son so will probably pick this up, due to the hints towards how tragic a story Fetch’s was. She may also have extra neon based powers that Delsin didn’t discover for himself, so it’d be fun to play around with those too in a different setting.

Source: Twitter



  1. Keeping fingers crossed it’s a half decent sized game.
    Or at least has other things to do alongside the story too to lengthen things out.

  2. That boxart is fantastic.

  3. Interesting! The physical copy will probs be cheaper than the digital, no?

    • Eh? Why would it be?

      Actually, I mean it shouldn’t be, but I am guessing you re referring to the ongoing trend of store prices being (in some cases) substantially higher than high street prices?

      • It makes zero sense, but yeah, the fact absolutely everything on the store digitally, that’s also available physically, is cheaper on disc from Amazon, etc..

  4. Already pre ordered on the store but a disc release is cool. Hopefully it’s a sign that the expansion is a decent size then.

  5. Bet it’s just an empty box with a psn code inside, lol!

  6. I would like another trip into Infamous but i will probably wait for the reviews to see how substantial it is.

  7. DLC released on disk? Nurse, where’s my medication?!

    For this to be worthwhile Fetch’s story is going to need to be 50% of Delsin’s, otherwise how are they going to price it and get back the costs incurred by physical media distribution?

    Still mighty impressed by Sucker Punch’s attention to detail; some of the screenshots on NeoGaf’s photo mode thread have to be seen to be believed. Hopefully photo mode returns for First Light.

  8. I love inFamous and I’ll definitely pick this up at some point but how is this going to work? I already feel like I know everything about her story after playing Second Son. I realise Naughty Dog did something similar with The Last of Us Left Behind dlc but they’re Naughty Dog. As much as I love Sucker Punch they just don’t have that level of story telling ability. I’m still really looking forward to First Light but they’re gonna have to pull out all the stops to wow us because we already know how it ends.

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