“Leaked” PS Plus August Line Up Is Likely Incorrect

There’s a story floating around this morning about August’s PlayStation Plus line up. It’s based on a tweet, from a Russian tweeter, that lists what is supposedly coming to each platform on PS Plus next month. That’s a shaky enough source already so we would generally expect our readers to take it with a pinch of salt anyway.

However, it’s being reported by other sources as a rumour now and the original story on Gampur is seemingly seeping its way across the internet. So where does it come from? Is it an insider leak or just a baseless rumour?


We’ve heard rumours of titles other than those listed in the tweet in question so we took ten minutes to try to understand where this “leak” came from and whether we should trust it over our other sources. It turns out, the games in this list are identical to ones posted in a predictions post on Brashgames a couple of weeks ago. That article is quite clear in its intentions – to try and guess what might be coming to PS Plus in August. Today’s leak seems to take that guesswork and restate it as fact.

We would expect the Plus lineup to be announced very soon (or at least leaked by a much more reliable source) and while there’s a chance some of these titles will be included in the next couple of months, we wouldn’t recommend you put to much stock in any stories you see today based on this list:


  • Octodad: Deadliest Catch
  • The Swapper (cross-buy)


  • Saints Row 4
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


  • 1001 Spikes
  • Atelier Rorona Plus

Further to that, Curve Studios – who would probably know – has tweeted:

Until there’s something more from a reliable source, don’t believe everything you read.

Source: Gampur



  1. Sneaky Russians.
    On a positive note this has reminded me to download Dead Space so thank you.

  2. Octodad, sure. Saints Row IV, maybe. Atelier and The Swapper? Not likely at all.

  3. Saints Row IV and Blood Dragon? Definitely too good to be true.

    • Not for me. I laid down cold hard cash on both those titles (before I became a plusser, so I am not as bitter as I may sound). :(

      Kinda hope this isn’t the lineup to be honest though, as only Octodad would get downloaded… & that would just be out of curiosity.

      • It’s a bit of a shame this bitter feeling comes to bite people, is it any consolation knowing you played these games when they were popular and before all the Plussers?

      • Not in particular – Sure I definitely got my fun out of them, but there’s still a feeling (which unfortunately can’t be helped) that others are getting something for free (kinda) which I laid dolla dolla down for.

        As mentioned, I am not actually bitter about it at all (certainly not about to go whinge about it on the blog like some feel the need to do!), but it does mean that my August lineup would look a little sparse compared to others.

        … If this is indeed the lineup of course.

        It does highlight an issue with plus though – Whilst it is a great service (& it is), it does lead to people not buying things, just in case they appear sometime in the future. I know that it is a great advertising tool of sorts for devs to get their games appearing on plus & raise awareness/interest, but it has to have hurt sales in the first weeks/months of a games release.

      • I can see how that would be the case. On the Vita especially I don’t feel the need to splash out on games for a while now, I’ve only had Plus for a short while but I have so many on my download list that I want to play, I’ll be busy for months. I do think they should limit AAA titles to those 2 or more years old, if only to reduce the wind-up up factor. Plus is good though, so good for some of us that I can’t see them changing the format for fear of it not becoming better.

  4. At least 3 of those games sound very, very likely to end up on PS+ at some point. Octodad seems likely. The PS3 games, definitely. SR4 is wonderfully mad, and Blood Dragon is equally silly and contains at least one wonderfully inventive phrase I couldn’t possibly repeat at this time of day.

    But with The Swapper already being denied (and being part of that pre-order promotion thing the US get) and Atelier Rorona Plus being far too new, the whole thing is just obviously someone guessing and not news at all. I demand this whole story be replaced by pictures of cute kittens instead. No, puppies. Puppies are cuter.

  5. I see Envisager tweeted you to say it’s not even close as well.
    I think one of the PS4 games is likely to be Strike Suit Zero as Sony like to put at least one ‘new’ release every month on PS+, but other than that too many possibilities to consider.

    Excited to see what the real list is, should find out soon.

  6. The swap what..? Never heard of that, so the tone of stating they don’t ‘have any plans to bring it to Plus’ sounds a bit snotty to me, as it would at least give them some attention.
    Wouldn’t mind Blood dragon. :o)

    • I don’t think that’s how it was meant to sound. More likely they meant it wasn’t planned as the game has yet to hit the PSN at all, so why would they release it for free on PS+

    • Not snotty at all. If anything, maybe pissed, and rightfully so. If I developed and released a game, and some jackwad spread false rumors that the game would be given away for free in the near future, thus cutting into my revenue, I’d be pissed as well and would act swiftly to dismiss the rumor.

      • Of course, the rumour alone cuts into their sales badly, so they got to dismiss it as definite as they can. Happens rarely that I miss the financials out of sight, which are behind everything in the industry. Thanks, I take back my remark.
        After reading the review today, the game actually sounds quite interesting.

  7. I would imagine that it won’t be long until we see the latest NFS out on PS+ for PS4. The game must be dropping down the sales lists and it’s a good opportunity to sell some DLC.

    • Does it even have DLC? I can’t recall seeing anything for it (& I don’t think the trophy list expanded past the 20 or so that shipped with the game).

      I’ll have a quick google…

      Ah, it seems there was, but it was just new cars (which after having played the game, I can confirm are definitely not required in any way).

  8. I seem to remember the Octodad developers saying that they didn’t want to make it a PSPlus game too, it was a while ago though. Hope not, I just bought it.

  9. The Swapper is included in America’s Play 2014 offerings where you preorder up to 4 new indie games and receive a psn credit back on your account. With plus titles now being the same across and USA and EU I would say the leak is definitely not true as it would kick up too much of a stink in America.

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