New Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Story Trailer Profiles Atlas Corporation

A new trailer has been unveiled for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare by Sledgehammer Games, focusing on the game’s single player campaign. As we already know the latest title in the franchise focuses on Private Military Contractors (PMCs), armies that don’t answer to any governments unless they’re outbidding the opposition. The trailer reveals that PMCs managed to become so powerful after a global terrorist attack that left much of the world’s government forces weak.


Kevin Spacey’s character is the head of Atlas Corporation, the biggest PMC of the lot, and as a result he holds the power which allows him to ignore governments. The trailer is full of action sequences, explosions, and face offs, and a mini Spacey speech. There are also glimpses of some of the near future technology including tanks that have legs instead of wheels, as well as the likes of jetpacks.

Finally, rounding out the trailer is a tiny, sneaky peak at the game’s multiplayer mode, which will also see the added mobility and capabilities of the game’s prominent exoskeleton. There’s set to be a fuller reveal of the multiplayer on 11th August, on the Monday before Gamescom gets underway in Germany.

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