Shadow Warrior Confirmed For September 26th Release on PS4 & Xbox One

Shadow Warrior, the reimagining of the classic 90s first person shooter, burst onto the PC towards the end of last year, bringing a fresh dose of Lo Wang, schlocky humour and over-the-top action to a modern audience. Now it’s coming to console and, though we knew that it was set for a release this autumn, it’s now been confirmed that it will see both a retail and digital release on September 26th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

This comes in the form of a retail distribution partnership between Devolver Digital and Bandai Namco to get the game on store shelves, with the previously reported price point of $39.99 pointing to a more budget price point. However, this isn’t a straight up port and will feature certain improvements to the game with “reshaped graphics”, a new Arena mode and new campaign content that will see you face off against the head of the Zilla Corporation.


It’s quite obvious that the game doesn’t take itself too seriously, when you consider that the console version’s exclusive weapons range from Serious Sam’s hammer and the Hotline Miami Katana…

Source: press release



  1. €40 is a bit to steep for me… This game looks amazing, and I’m surely gonna get it, but when it gets cheaper. Around €20-25

  2. Is it 40 euros? I only ask as the post above refers to dollars, which means in sterling its around 25/26 pounds. Which I think is more than fair tbh.

    If it was euros you were looking at specifically, that is about 29 ish (if Google is to be believed at least).

    • Looking at the price of the PC version on Steam, it’s at $40 there and then £29.99 on the UK store, so you can expect a rough parallel for the PS4 version, before UK retailers start their usual tussle with their sales margin.

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