The Last Of Us Epilogue Detailed

Aside from getting to watch the game’s key scenes played out in real life, those who attended The Last of Us: One Night Live were also treated to an exclusive look at a post-credits scene that didn’t make it into the game.

The deleted scene wasn’t included in the One Night Live stream via Twitch, nor have we seen any shaky-cam footage hit YouTube. This is probably because creative director Neil Druckmann pleaded with fans not to share it online. Spoilsport.


According to those who were in attendance, the scene picks up four years after the game’s ending. Joel and Ellie are still at Tommy’s dam. While Joel has managed to move on and find a partner, Ellie is still left to reflect on the events at the Firefly laboratory. Then, while listening to her music player, she is approached by Joel who plays a song on guitar, chipping in with character vocals too. The scene is said to end with Joel passing the instrument to her before playing one last chord.

To some, it may sound a bit crazy, giving Troy Baker yet another opportunity to flex his singing voice. However, for those who remember, during a later section of The Last of Us, Joel confesses to Ellie that once he had wanted to be singer, promising to teach her to play the guitar once everything blows over.

Druckmann didn’t specifically say why the scene was cut. Our guess is that in doing so, Naughty Dog would have effectively closed the door on a potential sequel, or at least Joel and Ellie’s story.

Hopefully someone had the cheek to whip out their phone during the final performance.

Source: NeoGAF