Watch The Last Of Us: One Night Live Right Here

Building up to this week’s launch of The Last of Us: Remastered, last night PlayStation partnered with Geoff Keighley to put on a live performance, showcasing some of the game’s more poignant moments in live-action.

The one-off event starred five key members from the voice cast, including Troy Baker as Joel and Ahsley Johnston as Ellie. The whole thing was streamed live on Twitch and can be watched via the video link below. Skip to around the 35-minute mark to get to the good stuff.


It’s a little strange at first and you have to remember that, in Naughty Dog’s mo-cap studio, the actors are used to multiple takes, also having to improvise when it comes to stage layouts and props. For context, the video crams in audio and cutscenes from the game to string together story beats.

You can grab a copy of Remastered when it launches this Friday, exclusively on PlayStation 4. Make sure you come back later this week for more coverage.