Sony Romped To 3.5 Million PlayStation Home Console Sales Last Quarter

“No, after you,” said a wryly confident Sony, as Microsoft and Nintendo took to the stage to announce their financial results for Q1 2014, the three months of April, May and June. Microsoft stepped forward first, announcing that 1.1 million Xbox consoles had been sold, with Xbox Ones shifting double after they dropped that Kinect Camera from the box. Then it was Nintendo’s turn, grinding the ball of their foot into the floor as they noted that they still made losses even though Mario Kart 8 sold near to 3 million copies and that Wii U sales had picked up a bit.

But now it’s Sony’s turn, proudly announcing that a huge 3.5 million PlayStation home consoles (PS4, PS3 and PS2) have been sold. No, they don’t go into the specifics of which console sold how many, but it’s more than 3:1 versus Xbox sales and it stands in stark contrast to the 1.1 million consoles they were able to sell in the same period last year, pointing  to some quite healthy sales for the new console hardware. At the same time, sales of PS Vita and PSP jumped to 750,000 from 600,000 this time last year.


The Games & Network Services division as a whole saw a big leap in revenue of 95.7%, up to 257.5 billion yen ($2.55bn), which saw them turn from losses of 16.4bn yen to a profit of 43bn yen ($43m). While revenue leapt upwards, the shift in actual profits was hampered by a drop in PS3 software sales, something that will drop in importance as PS4 game sales increase over the next few years.

In the grand scheme of things, the PlayStation’s resurgence has also helped Sony turn to profitability as a whole, with Sony Pictures also a part of this, with the likes of Amazing Spider-Man 2 helping them to a revenue increase of 22%, from 158.9bn yen to 194.8bn yen ($1.9bn), and profits more than double to 7.8bn yen ($78m). However, they’re still feeling pain from their exit from the PC business and a lack of traction in the smartphone market, as sales of Xperia phones dropped.

Source: Sony, via IGN, Engadget



  1. Amazing Spiderman 2 is making money? I’m shocked.

    • New Spidey films are awful. Much preferred Raimi’s films (but they weren’t perfect either).

      • I disagree, the new spidey are better than the raimi films. What would be awesome spidey in avengers but politics prevents it

    • I’ve found the Amazing Spiderman movies to be pretty poor in comparison and probably too soon after the last trilogy.

      • I think it must depend on how familiar you are with the character. I’ve never read the comics or watched the cartoons so I only know Raimi’s Spiderman. Raimi’s has his own style and the first two Spidey films are great superhero movies. The new movies feel bland and generic in comparison. I guess it come’s down to personal taste. I could rewatch and enjoy Raimi’s Spiderman movies but I couldn’t sit through The Amazing Spiderman again without getting bored.

    • Hate to break this to you, but films don’t necessarily have to be good to make money. ;)

      Anyway, I really quite enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man 2.

      • Oh yes, i know the Spidey franchise has plenty of legs .. ;)
        Glad you enjoyed ‘A S-M2’, but it won’t be joining my bluray collection. I love what was done with the Batman movies though, the Dark Knight series gave them a whole new feel and at the same time felt more definitive than some of the earlier movies – and all without making the earlier movies any less enjoyable imo.

  2. Good news all round for the gaming market, but especially for Sony.

  3. Be nice if all the companies gave individual sales stats rather than clumping them together. MS I can understand but I’d have thought Sony would be happy to.

  4. @Starman

    Agreed. It doesn’t make any sense that they are hiding the individual numbers. And why do they still count PS2 sales in? They reported back in January 2013 that the final shipments of PS2 to retailers had happened by the end of 2012.

    • They can count PS2 sales in if they are still selling. Just because there are no more shipments doesn’t mean they stop selling immediately.

      • that is correct, however, no more shipments from Sony means no more sale from Sony. What ever the retail business are still selling doesn’t count in sony’s financial report, and if they stopped selling PS2’s to retailers by the end of 2012 they aren’t selling any more PS2’s.

        I have since read somewhere that it is only PS4 and PS3 that is a part of the said financial report.

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