Ones To Watch 2014 Recap: Xbox One

We’re back again today with our mid-year update on the games to keep an eye out for, and today we’re looking at Xbox One titles. Microsoft have been trying hard to pick up the pieces after a disastrous reveal of the console last year, but they’ve been able to shed most of the bad press surrounding those initial platform ideals that had everyone’s feathers ruffled, and they’ve built a decent lineup of exclusives to close out 2014 with.

So without further ado, let’s talk about the games you should have on your radar.



The Fable franchise continues forward with Fable Legends, which is being developed by Lionhead Studios, the same developer behind all the Fable games.

This adventure back to the land of Albion is putting a heavy focus on co-op gaming, offering team play for up to four heroes at once. If you’re short on friends to bring along with you, the game will drop AI companions to watch your back. Or you could also play as the villain, which is a single-player experience that greatly differs from the hero’s campaign, focusing on a mixture of tower defence and real-time strategy. Microsoft brought Fable Legends to E3 with them, which gave us an opportunity to see the game in action.

We still don’t have a release date but it is still scheduled to land sometime this autumn, and they’re currently taking applicants for a beta that will take place between now and then. Microsoft is thought to have a significant presence at Gamescom this year, so there’s a good chance we’ll see and hear more about Fable Legends at that time.


We know it seems a little odd for this game to be on our Xbox One list since it recently came out on PC and is about to launch on both PS3 and PS4, but at the time of our original preview, it was only announced on Xbox platforms.

Plants vs Zombies took a bit of a different turn with Garden Warfare, abandoning the traditional gameplay of the series in favour of third-person shooter mechanics. That didn’t affect the game’s charm, however, as all the characters you know and love are back, but this time you can take direct control and fight with other players over Xbox Live. Garden Warfare originally launched back in late February for Xbox One, and it was generally well received, despite being such a leap from the previous games.

If you’ve been waiting to get in on the Plants vs Zombies action, this might be an opportune time as the asking price at retail has come down slightly since launch, and we’ve seen three different content packs make their way to the game, all adding new perks or maps, and all available for free.


Though it didn’t receive a ton of press when the Xbox One launched, Project Spark has been in open beta since that time, and is currently available right now from the Xbox Live store.

Project Spark is a game built on the idea of constructing your own video game levels and sharing them across the internet. This is another title Microsoft brought with them to E3, so we got to see a spiffy new trailer showing off some of the possibilities. Microsoft also teased that some of the assets from the Conker’s Bad Fur Day series may be coming to the game, as well as some sci-fi themed content.

Project Spark will be launching sometime this autumn as a free-to-play digital title with micro-transactions for additional content. There will also be a disc-based version of the game at retail that will come with six additional packs of content not included in the free version.


If you’ve been waiting since last year to hear some exciting news regarding Quantum Break, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is we don’t have any. The game has gone almost completely dark since the Xbox One launched, and with the recent job cuts at Microsoft’s entertainment division, we’re not even entirely certain the TV show that was originally supposed to run alongside the game still exists.

The good news is you won’t have to wait long for an update. Microsoft answered the question of why Quantum Break wasn’t at E3 by telling everyone that it would have a presence at Gamescom. As far as we know, Remedy Entertainment is still working hard on it, and we hope to soon have a better idea of when in 2015 we can expect to see it.


Sunset Overdrive has kind of been Microsoft’s poster game for their 2014 lineup, and rightfully so as it looks like a blast to play. Developed by Insomniac Games, Sunset Overdrive sees you dropped into a world where an energy drink has caused an outbreak of mutated creatures.

Microsoft haven’t been shy in broadcasting new footage on the internet, and everything they’ve shown makes the game look like one big playground of third-person carnage, humour, and all the fancy weaponry you’d expect from an Insomniac game. They also recently announced that the game will support eight player co-op via a game mode they’re calling ‘Chaos Squad’.

Sunset Overdrive looks like it’s all set to go for its October 31st release date in Europe, and three days prior on the 28th in North America.


Although Microsoft have been coy about just exactly how well Titanfall has done since it released on Xbox One back in March, the amount of support and DLC it’s received so far points to it being a success.

Going into the next-gen console cycle, it looked like Titanfall was Microsoft’s golden ticket to success, as they locked up an exclusive agreement between themselves and EA to only put the game out on Microsoft platforms. Since it launched, we haven’t heard a lot about it from Xbox gamers but it was received very well by critics and fans alike, and Respawn continues to do an admirable job supporting the game with massive new patches that introduce new features, as well as two DLC map packs (with a third planned for later this year).

If you still find yourself dropping titans these days, don’t forget that this week sees not only the release of game update five – which brings a new black market currency for the sale and purchase of new burn cards and titan insignias – but we also see map pack number two drop its way to gamers with three brand new levels.

That’s it for today! Be sure to check back tomorrow when we continue our update of exclusive games with the PS4’s 2014 lineup.



  1. Really enjoyed titanfall still, its been the main game I’ve played since getting my xboxone. Also its the first ever game that I’ve liked enough to buy the season pass!

  2. I love my X1 but was pretty disappointed by Titanfall. Fun for a couple of weeks but simply not fleshed out enough to be played much beyond that. The concept is good and the gameplay solid however so I’m looking forward to the sequel.

    Out of the batch of games mentioned above, I think its probably Fable which appeals to me the most. Sunset Overdrive should be fully co-op but isn’t, the Project Spark beta wasn’t all that great and MS have been too vague about Quantum Break for me to be excited yet.

    Much like the PS4, the games to get excited about on X1 will no doubt launch late 2015-early 2016. A wait of course but I can be patient :)

  3. Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 are the big ones for me. Along the Halo Collection, Ori And The Silent (or was it secret?) Forest, that new Limbo game and of course Cuphead.

    PvZ is good, but the inability to play splitscreen online and or other gamemodes than horde-mode makes it less appealing as a multiplayer game.

  4. Quantum break interests me, time travel isn’t the most used genre so I’m looking forward to gamescom.

    Still need to pick up an X1 though! Master chief collection awaits.

  5. Nothing much to look forward to. Sunset overdrive perhaps, but my head and heart tells me that I shouldn’t support Insomniac.

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