PlayStation Now Might Eventually Support PS4 Games

PlayStation Now just went into open beta in North America, and although the streaming service currently only offers PS3 games, it sounds like Sony might open that up to games on just about every other PlayStation platform, including PS4 games.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Jack Buser, the Senior Director for PlayStation Now, was very tight-lipped about the future of the service, noting that all they’re focusing on right now is PS3 games. However, after the interview ended, Kotaku received a response back from an unnamed Sony representative that had a slightly different response.


We are also currently considering measures to offer original PlayStation, PS2 and PS4 titles in the future, but at this time, only PS3 titles are being offered.

Sony have mentioned possibly adding PSX and PS2 games to the service before now, but this is the first we’ve heard of PS4 games possibly being added. Which leads me to wonder, if a PS3 games costs $4 to rent for four hours, how much would a PS4 game cost?

Source: Kotaku via NeoGaf



  1. It’s the most obvious route to take to have PS4 games streamed on there. Customers pay a monthly NOW premium and have access to try out all the latest top games with not download times.

  2. The current pricing is deliberate to limit users. Any fool should be able to work that out. Still nice try.

    • They don’t want people to subscribe? How did I miss that!

  3. About the pricing, It does look terrible at first glance – but lets say, the average game story is maybe 10-15 hours, at 1$ per hour, its $15 to complete even some of the longer games (minus RPG and a few exceptions), at a store it might be $40, sure you own it, but after its completed, unless you trophy hunt, its back up for sale at half the price you paid.

    Works out alright to me, if the same pricing was kept for new titles.

  4. I’m thinking Internet speed will need to be speedy unless they have PS4 games at lower quality. I read that some of the PS3 games on PSNow already have their times of stutter.

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