Attractio Appears It’ll Be Coming To Vita Thanks To Twitter Campaign

GameCoder Studios has announced that Attractio will be coming to Vita, after a very short Twitter campaign. Two days ago the studio tweeted asking if people wanted to see the game, which is available on PC, Linux and Mac, come to Sony’s handheld. Today GameCoder tweeted the following image in response to fans, with the message “Let’s get on with it!”



Attractio looks similar to the likes of Portal and QUBE, where players use cubes and tool guns to navigate the many puzzles present. The story of Attractio pits three contestants against each other in a game show of the same name. One of the characters has an extra secret though in that they know something about the show that the others don’t. Since the announcement is quite fresh there is no release date, but we’ll keep you updated.

Source: Twitter


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  1. I wish R* would do this with GTA SA

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