News Snatch: FIFA 15, Habitat, Destiny And You’ve Got Wang

Greetings one and all, back with another Snatch and the news that Dead or Alive 5 is to get “Bed & Bathtime” DLC, because fighting in a towel. Just that.

Sad news, Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki has announced the company is to close production, at least for a while. The company teamed with Level 5 back in December 2010 to release the stunning Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and in April last year the developer teased a new PlayStation 4 game which was assumed to be a sequel to Ghibli collaboration.

A FIFA 15 trailer, just in case you have not had enough sport the last two weeks, and sadly Kylie does not appear at the end of this.

The entire cast of Firefly is to reunite for the forthcoming online game, including Alan Tudyk who [SPOILERS] met a rather grisly end during the movie spin off, Serenity.

Gearbox have said they spent millions of their own cash finishing off Aliens: Colonial Marines for Sega. They also say they did not get a bonus from the publisher because “the game’s sales were insufficient to trigger any sales-based payments to Gearbox.”

If you read our Monday sales chart updates I am sure you will be aware that I keep a close eye on the game and it has yet to drop out of the top 40 so it must have sold quite a few copies by now.

A rather awesome fan made Destiny trailer.

The Dead Island movie will launch in Q1 2015. I was going to say “hit the cinema in 2015” but I seem to remember it will be going straight to a US cable channel.

Staying with the undead, a gamer has found references to single player zombie DLC for Grand Theft Auto V.

Naughty Dog have said Uncharted 4 will be a “light hearted romp” and will not follow the serious tone of The Last of Us.

Uncharted is a completely different franchise, and appeals to its audience for completely different reasons. I don’t think The Last of Us marks a new direction in tone that all of our future games are going to take on. We’d alienate a lot of our Uncharted fans. We want to keep it a light-hearted romp. I think from a technical standpoint we’ve learnt some things from the Last of Us that will feed into Uncharted – in fact it strengthens our desire to keep them distinct.

They have also revealed that The Last of Us Remastered ran at 80fps until they locked the frame rate down to 60fps. “That’s unnecessary, because TVs don’t render at 80fps,” said Lead Programmer Jason Gregory, “So there’s still so much untapped power for us.”

Habitat is sadly not a home furnishings simulation, but a “real-time, physics-driven orbital strategy game where you build, fly, and fight with the unique space stations that you create out of space debris orbiting earth,” and it is coming to PS4.

Atlus has announced that Nintendo 3DS RPG Shin Megami Tensei 4 will launch in Europe this September, and will cost£17.99/€19.99 for the digital download.

A glitch in Battlefield 4 allows you to combine the abilities of two classes which can give you infinite ammo.

Staying with glitches, a player found a way to bounce out of the map in the Destiny beta and discovered an underground vault.

And Finally, a nice long Wang for you to look at, coming soon to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


  1. Fighting in nighties and towels?! I really hope they don’t release a PS4 version of Dead or Alive VolleyBall as I’ve got a horrible feeling I’d end up buying it, feeling disappointed in myself and trying to justify how great the gameplay is.

    As with the GTA thing, I’m sure I read somewhere someone spotted something relating to a bit of code about zombies, but could that be connected to that weird easter egg zombie bloke stood on the street?

  2. I feel so sad for Studio Ghibli, they’re my favourite animation-studio by a million metric miles. Hopefully they’ll be able to get new productions started in the near future.

  3. Habitat looks interesting!

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