Explore A Lost City As La Mulana EX Confirmed For Vita Release This Year

Rising Star Games has confirmed that it will be bringing NIGIRO title La-Mulana to the Vita, partnering with Pygmy Games to remaster it and give it the EX extension to the name. It’s a game that first released back in 2005, and is heavily inspired by the Indiana Jones films. The main character is Professor Lemeza Kosugi who is armed with a whip, and he is exploring the ruins of the city La-Mulana, and when the game originally released it did get some good reviews.

One of the main elements of the game is the high difficulty players will face while exploring the ruins, which itself isn’t linear. Death can set players back quite a lot so judging each situation is key to survival. One other part of the story is that no adventurer has ever left the ruins alive, so really expect no mercy when going in. The Vita version will have new features and more content than the original release, though at the time none of that has been detailed.


La-Mulana EX is expected to release later this year.

Source: Rising Star Games



  1. I don’t get the resurgence of games that look like they were produced in the 1990s, why?

    • nostalgia maybe?

    • Well, this is an enhanced version of remake of a game that was made in the 2005. So it’s not actually new and part of the “retrobit movement”.

    • It looks spookily similar to Rick Dangerous that appeared on the Atari St. Which was actually released in the 80’s.

      … & nostalgia or not, I would like to think that we had moved on in terms of visuals since then.

      Clearly, we haven’t.

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