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Titanfall is an impressive feat. Here’s a game, seemingly stuck in years of development hell, ready to take on the biggest franchise in the world – Call of Duty – without a single player component. It’s quite surprising then that Titanfall managed to pull it off as well as it did, with rave reviews and great sales for the Xbox One exclusive.

Personally, I really enjoyed the blend of campaign and story with the single player; you truly felt as though you were one of the secondary characters, while the protagonists did their own thing, and that was extremely satisfying to see. Don’t get me wrong, the story wasn’t very good but the way it worked and some of the set-pieces were quite enjoyable.


It was a really focused multiplayer experience, with the use of burn cards adding another element to it, and of course the Titans playing a huge part; it was the balance between these gigantic exoskeletons and the smaller footsoldiers which truly set Titanfall apart – you felt just as empowered whether you were in a Titan or not.

Stefan reviewed the game for us, scoring it 8/10, highlighting the freedom in traversal with the jetpack, the balance between pilots and Titans, and the use of AI in a multiplayer game. He concluded:

Respawn’s first game is a bold push to create that new must-have multiplayer game, and in so many ways they succeed. It fails to deliver on the potential of an online campaign, almost falling into the same trap that befalls their single player-laden competitors, and doesn’t really attempt to create new and interesting game modes.

What it does is lay the foundations for a series of games with a rich mixture of ideas, with that compelling juxtaposition of the agile Pilots and the imposing might of the Titans at its core.

While it wasn’t on PlayStation, it’s really exciting to think how a sequel might evolve the formula and what Titanfall 2 could be like on both PS4 and Xbox One. That’s what we’re all hoping for, but that’s skipping ahead a bit.

Back in the now, we’re going to ask you what you thought of the game. The usual rules apply: write a paragraph or so with your thoughts on the game in the comments section, give it a Buy It, Sale It or Avoid It rating, and get your comments before Sunday afternoon to be in with a chance of being included in next week’s Verdict round-up.



  1. My game of the year so far, fast and very playable. A great balance of titans, pilots and AI where nothing is overpowered. The 6v6 matches makes it possible for one player to turn a match around which I prefer to the larger player counts other games offer.

    The lack of single player didn’t bother me as I don’t enjoy the over scripted set piece oriented campaigns most fps’ offer these days.

    Up there with Warhawk and MAG as my most enjoyed online games BUY IT!

  2. I played this on my brothers PC.

    I can’t deny it’s a solid game. Everything that is present is polished to a high shine.

    BUT I just can’t justify the price of entry for what is effectively a MOBA. Minimum content for maximum price. And I found it was a bit of a one trick pony. Its difficult for me to say, because I LOVE me some mecha. Its my favourite sci-fi genre, and I really wanted to love this game.

    I’d say “sale it”, but its EA. Even in the half price origin sale it was £30 and I think that’s still too much for what you get. especially as you have DLC on top of that.

  3. I really enjoy this game. The multi player is intense without making me scream aloud and kick the cat like call of duty, plus the wall running and jumping up and over the buildings brings something new to the genre. If i’m having my arse handed to me I never feel any urge to rage quit like cod either. The titans are also good fun and everyone gets a go no matter of skill level. Also not much camping in my experience.

    Just bought the season pass for this, shame it didn’t make it to ps4 this time but hope for the sequel to cross the divide.

    Buy it.

  4. Story: lackluster with poor presentation and bad storytelling. I can’t be bothered paying attention to an audioclip when I’m being chased across the rooftops.

    Graphics: variable framerate averaging around 50, a fair bit of screen-tearing and generally doesn’t look much better than a last gen title. Won’t be considered pretty in a couple years. Some neat animations though, and fairly cool designs.

    Audio: good, but not great. Not a lot of variety, but the quality is decent. Sounds as you’d expect, closer to CoD than BF. PC version comes with a million mandatory gigabytes of language options you’ll never use.

    Gameplay: Call of duty with wall running, double-jumps and mechs. Stairs be damned. It’s a lot of fun once you start to get the hang of acrobatics.

    Titanfall probably won’t set your world on fire, but if you like shooters and own an Xbox (or a decent PC) then it’s definitely worth checking out. I’m having fun with it in shorter bursts.

    Verdict: SALE IT

  5. I bought it day 1 on Xbone. I’m not big into MP FPS. I did like it at first but it just bored me after a few weeks. There’s not really that much to say on it. Shoot A.I., shoot a opponent out of titan, shoot at titan, spawn titan, jump titan get blown up as soon as in titan rinse and repeat. Graphically not too great either.

    Verdict: Sale it or my new option wait til it comes GWG.

  6. I bought the PC version day one due to a last minute punt for about £20 from the Origin store in India (Globalisation, ftw!) and wile I initially thought it was cool and the big robot thing was fun it just got old really fast.

    I’m really having trouble putting my finger on why, but apart from the Titans (which I personally found more useful as a bodyguard rather than something to drive around in) it didnt really offer anything different. Yeah, there was the parkour-type stuff, and the NPCs that made it a kind of SP/MP mish mash, but in the end I got bored and tuned out after a week or so and didnt even finish the story mode.

    I’d say SALE IT, but I got it really cheap anyway and still didnt feel like I got my money’s worth..

    Actually, yeah SALE IT. If you’re the type to buy COD every year then you know what you’re getting and its no worse than that.

  7. I spent a weekend playing Titanfall on PC when EA did their Game time promotion on origin. I have got to say that it played and looked exceptional. The game is really well balanced and the parkour stuff really adds, once you get the hang of it. The downside was that, while all the maps were well polished and most of the game modes played well (titan hunter excluded), there was no real depth to the game. By the end of the weekend, there never felt like any need to progress and unlock any more weapons etc. My favourite loadouts were all barely changed from the defaults.

    I guess the game it really reminded me of was Fifa 06 Road to the World Cup, for the 360. That game too featured revolutionary graphics and new features, but ultimately had no longevity, featuring few teams and modes, feeling unfinished compared to the more fully featured Fifa (and Pro Evo!) on PS2. Respawn showed real strength and I’m sure Titanfall 2 will be incredible, but I don’t want to pay EA’s exorbitant price for half a game. If you could find it in a sale then SALE IT, but I can’t see the price coming down far enough for me any time soon.

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