BioWare Continues Teaser Campaign For Unannounced Project

BioWare continues to push their “you’ve been chosen” string of teasers for an unannounced project that we’re supposed to hear more about at Gamescom. This is the third video we’ve seen and it’s every bit as vague as the first two.


Titled ‘Impact’, this teaser shows a woman walking slowly and mumbling something distorted, before the camera zooms out and reveals a nearly-destroyed house sitting in a crater. Just prior to that, the audio cleans up and the woman keeps repeating, “it’s not my fault.”

Drop up us your best guess for what this project might be, and we’ll see if you’re right when Gamescom arrives next week. If you missed the first two teasers, you can find them here.

Source: YouTube



  1. Getting reasonably interested in this, reminds me of Heroes

    • Sure does have a Heroes vibe to it. Maybe something to do with sonys Powers tv series?

      • Yeah it’s got that ordinary people scared by their own power type thing going on that made the first season of Heroes really good.

        I’m not sure of the correlation with Powers, I’m not really up to speed at all on Powers as a setting but I can see some cross over

  2. I was thinking something akin to Infamous or X-Men but Heroes works as well

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