Podcast: Episode 150 – Metrico, Elite Dangerous and The Last of Us Remastered

Kev got a better offer this week and deserted the podcast recording in favour of cocktails and burgers. We can’t really fault his thinking on this. I personally endorse the strategy of drinking cocktails and eating burgers while recording the podcast and I think I’ll endeavour to accomplish at least half of this in the near future. It’ll be the cocktails half. Neat whiskey is a cocktail, right?

Anyway, you’ve got Kris, Lewis and myself for this week’s aural delight. Kris and I played Metrico on PS Vita so we had a chat about that. Lewis has been playing The Last of Us Remastered, in spite of already having finished the game on his PS3 last year. Finally, I played Elite Dangerous so I bored everyone with my sci-fi geekery once again. Sorry about that.

We did the usual quiz and some fun questions from our very understanding community of listeners. Then we scrutinised Kris’ tweeting addiction. It’s very important.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Great podcast again. Feels a bit odd without the news, I quite liked having it in, quite often there was something I had managed to miss that would come up and hearing people’s thoughts on goings on was interesting. I would like it if you just picked one or two big things and discussed them maybe.

    I’m playing through Metrico at the moment and apart from almost dropping my vita in the twisty sixaxis parts it’s good fun. Glad it’s on Plus though given the price point.

    Can someone please edit the intro music so it goes “Video Games…. Movies….. Comics….. Fruit…..” ready for the next podcast please.

  2. I must say I was completely not interested into Metrico, but after hearing you guys talk about it, I got kind of interested in it . Feels like a extended version of the app you had when you first power on your PSV. Something to show you the controls of the console, etc. Maybe it will be ‘on board’ with future PSV. Definitely to expensive :/

    I was going to buy the remastered ‘The Last Of Us’, but my friends bought the PS3 version for my birthday :P I’m not sad in any way, because after finishing it I can say that it’s a fantastic game, brilliant, but even so I think it is getting a bit too much credit. It’s gorgeous, but nothing ground-breaking in terms of console games. Is the PS4 version also so bugged? There were a lot of them, with the human enemy AI (behaviour and loading).

    I don’t understand the need of writing everything I do or think to be seen be everyone in the world. Seems ridiculous. Maybe I’m just old…

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