WeView Verdict: Titanfall

There wasn’t a huge response to Titanfall, despite the demand for it in the poll being quite high. Perhaps a lot of people just wanted to see what our community thought of the game rather than leaving their own thoughts!

Despite lacking in sheer volume of comments, there was a nice amount of variety in the seven verdicts to be found, with some of you claiming it as your game of the year while others described it as lacklustre.


First off was Starman with a large dose of positivity, describing the game as his personal “game of the year so far” due to it being “fast and very playable”. The “great balance” helped the game further – there’s no denying that it’s a flat field whether you’re a Titan or a pilot, with both having their own strengths and weaknesses. “The lack of single player didn’t bother me as I don’t enjoy the over scripted set piece oriented campaigns” continued Starman.

“I can’t deny it’s a solid game. Everything that is present is polished to a high shine.” said Nocure-fd, but found that the price was a bit too high for everything the game offered. Spurs78 on the other hand really enjoys the game, and has just bought the season pass after finding it quite therapeutic – they didn’t “kick the cat” or “rage quit” like Call of Duty made them.

Kennykazey found the story “lacklustre”, said that the visuals “won’t be considered pretty in a couple years”, found the audio to be pretty much what you’d expect. But the gameplay was good – “Call of Duty with wall running, double-jumps and mechs. Stairs be damned. It’s a lot of fun once you start to get the hang of acrobatics.”

“I’m not big into MP FPS” admits DividSmythe, saying that, despite liking it at first, it bored him after a couple of weeks, and pointing out that it was quite repetitive. Severn2j agreed, saying that it “got old really fast” despite the “big robot thing” (that’ll be a Titan) being fun.

As well as a confusing username, eye8have9you3 came up with a brilliant and slightly ridiculous comparison:

I guess the game it really reminded me of was Fifa 06 Road to the World Cup, for the 360. That game too featured revolutionary graphics and new features, but ultimately had no longevity, featuring few teams and modes, feeling unfinished compared to the more fully featured Fifa (and Pro Evo!) on PS2. Respawn showed real strength and I’m sure Titanfall 2 will be incredible, but I don’t want to pay EA’s exorbitant price for half a game.

I wouldn’t quite say it’s half of a game (unless you count a game by 50% multiplayer, 50% single player), but there’s an argument for it being slightly less substantial than it should or could have been, being a multiplayer-only title.

Anyway, onto the votes! In the end, there were two votes for Buy It and five votes for Sale It, with no votes for Avoid It. You can probably pick it up at a discounted price now – particularly on PC – so it might be worth looking for if you enjoy multiplayer action.

Exciting times tomorrow as we’ve got inFamous Second Son coming up – that should be a good one! But now, we’ve got a poll with four games in the running for next week below, so have a vote before you leave the page, will you?



  1. The amount of hype for the game was huge in the build up to release but in the end I think Microsoft will be disappointed with its sales. It could be found for half price even on xbox one only a few weeks after release which is unusual for thisnew generation whichhas so far rarely seendiscounted newgames.
    I don’t actually think I’d bother with it if it came to ps4.

    • Christ SwiftKey really messed up that comment hey? So many words joined together!

      • lol try touchpal x mate its better than swift key..

    • I don’t think it can be called disappointing sales wise. In the all formats top 10 for 6 months and number 1 for several weeks. And I didn’t see it half price anywhere near a few weeks after release, its only £30 now on amazon.

  2. One thing that really bugged me about this release was the excessive and somewhat manipulative marketing campaign. MS tried way too hard to make this game the next big thing and it came across like a wealthy businessman trying to convince the world that his daughter is the greatest singer since Whitney Houston …when really she can’t hold a note. You can throw as much money at something as you want but at the end of the day if you can’t provide the goods, that hype isn’t going to sustain itself.

  3. this would of been my one main reason to buy an xbone..
    but judging by some reviews and comments i have read its not all that its cracked up to be.
    think I’ll hold out for the sequel see if it turns up on ps4.
    judging by the price its a bargain bin job!

  4. This game never appealed to me and to be fair I’ve never played or seen it in the flesh but after reading a lot of comments it seems to me that a high percentage of people wouldn’t bother buying a TitanFall 2 and got bored of it pretty quick.
    I’m actually wandering whether another console version or sequel would shift many copies.

  5. Asking a playstation focused site to review a Microsoft exclusive was always going to be a tough crowd.

  6. The game was hyped as the biggest revolution to FPS genre since CoD4. Its a good game but nothing close to a revolution.

  7. I’m still playing and enjoying this game. I don’t understand the complaints of it being repetitive. Why, because you shoot people over and over? The same could be said of CoD or Battlefield. The game shipped with 15 maps, 1 more than CoD: Ghosts and 5 more than BF4. All of them playable on the 5 game modes (with more modes added via free updates). There may only be 10 primary pilot weapons but they each fill a specific role and many are able to be sidegraded by weapon mods.

    It takes much longer in Titanfall to “master” a map than in other games, considering the game’s wonderfully fast and fluid movement system. You not only have to consider the corridors when deciding the best way to traverse a building, but the walls, windows and small surfaces to kick off to get ahead of your opponents.

    Hitting max level isn’t particularly difficult but once you do you can “regenerate”, Titanfall’s answer to prestige in CoD. This means resetting your rank to zero to get a fancy chip next to your name, representing your pilot generation. You can do this 10 times up to Gen 10, Rank 50, which will easily take 100 hours. This might sound like a monotonous grind but each time you regenerate you gain XP at an accelerated rate and the real challenge of reaching the next generation comes from the gen challenges, requirements such as “Kill 75 pilots with the shotgun” or “Get 50 critical hits with the Plasma Railgun”.

    Prior to regenerating, I had settled into a few weapons and playstyles I felt comfortable with, never really putting time into weapons I had a bad first impression of. However, being “forced” to use weapons outside my comfort zone to complete the challenges, I gained whole new perspectives on all of them. I have much more variety in my playstyle, and more of an appreciation of the different roles filled by the well designed weapons now than I ever would have otherwise.

    These factors combine to create a game that stays fresh and fun for a long time, and is rewarding in the gameplay itself rather than merely filling voluminous bars of XP long after you’ve unlocked everything. I rate this game a solid buy it.

    …Sorry for the long comment, meant to say this on the earlier post!

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