Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Part Of New Xbox One 1TB Bundle

As well as getting an explosive new gameplay trailer, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare was also announced as part of a new Xbox One bundle.

Lately it seems San Fransico’s Golden Gate Bridge is always at the epicenter of destruction, and it’s no different in Advanced Warfare. You can also read our multiplayer preview here.

The bundle includes an Advanced Warfare inspired Xbox One console and controller, fitted with a 1TB hardrive, and a digital download of the game.

xbox one cod

It’s set to release on the 3rd November for €499.99/£429.99/$499.



  1. Looks pretty nice but the price is a bit steep. 1tb will please some people.

  2. That trailer is the least impressive COD trailer I’ve seen in years. All looks so heavily scripted, unfortunately placed oil tankers, road works, etc. I think I’m just bored of the series now.

  3. Good lord! I’ve just noticed that Betamax design reject underneath the COD trailer. It looks like they’ve stolen the grey colour and materials from a PlayStation 1.

  4. If it was halo mcc and a little cheaper I’d probably pre order.

  5. Wow its got everything! Guns,explosions,Jeeps with guns more explosions, choppers and glow in the dark HUD,s…
    Same ol’ yawn of know the saying? ” you can’t polish a turd”..
    But no doubt I will buy it at some point. But not day one..I’ve got a huge back catalogue of games to keep me going.

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