Michel Ancel’s New Studio Developing Wild For PS4

Michel Ancel, the pioneer behind games such as Rayman and Beyond Good And Evil has just stepped on Sony’s Gamescom stage to reveal the first game from his new games studio, Wild Sheep Studio.

It’s set 10,000 years ago and named Wild – or WiLD as they call it – and “could potentially feature a world as big as Europe”. That’s very impressive. Furthermore, as well as humans you can play as any living creature in the game, and it’ll be an online experience.


Here’s the superb trailer:



  1. Whoa. Looks all kinds of ace…all kindzzzzz

  2. looks intriguing.

    like No Man’s Sky, it doesn’t look like it’s short on ambition, but also like NMS, it it a little short on gameplay details.

  3. What a friggin Gamescom! So many surprised, so many new games, so many trailers to watch!

    This looks great, as did that oversized catfish.

  4. Sounds interesting and looks very nice, hope to hear more details soon.

  5. This looks insane, I love it! Some of the animations looked pretty stiff, but the concept (whatever it is) seems incredible!

    Not too sold on the online part though…

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