PlayStation Now Coming To UK Next Year, PlayStation TV Launching November

PlayStation Now will finally be seeing a release in Europe next yearbut those in the UK will be the first to get their hands on the service before the rest of Europe.

PlayStation Now is in open beta in the US currently, and we’ve been awaiting a release date over here for quite some time, so it’s good to see that we don’t have to wait too long even if it is next year.

PlayStation TV – which is basically a big screen PS Vita, and will be eventually able to play games through the PlayStation Now service will launch on November 14th. It’ll be priced at €99 and will come with three games, which is a very good deal.

You can read our thoughts on PlayStation Now here and see what happened when we went hands on with PlayStation TV here (spoilers: we liked it a lot).



  1. Playstation TV is an instant buy for me. Serious value for the asking price

  2. Buying it for my bedroom for def!

  3. Definite purchase for me. Really looking forward to getting it.
    Hopefully it will evolve in lots of good ways.

  4. I always added ps+ vita games to my download list in case I bought one in the future. Will I finally be able to download and play these using this service/device? Would be nice.

  5. All over it! Any idea what the 3 games are? Tearaway?

  6. At the moment there’s still a lot of psv games that aren’t compatible with PS TV. Hopefully a lot of games will get patched for November! It’s ace when using it in the bedroom :)

    • Yeah, that’s a bit worrying, there’s plenty of old games I can see being great on a big telly (like Most Wanted) that may not get a patch because the publisher can’t be arsed. Still want one though, what a terrific wee machine :)

  7. I’m quite interested in the TV just so I can play games in different rooms but I read somewhere that it only runs at 720 & not 1080p which puts me off.

    • It does output at 720p, but that really shouldn’t put you off. It’s a great little device & with 3 games included in the price it’s a bargain. The other way to look at ut is its like playing your ps4 games on an xboxone :D

      • Fair point. My only other question is can you use 2 controllers with it?
        If so I could take them to work and play FIFA against someone at lunchtime as long as we get our crap internet connection sorted out.

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