Sony Announce P.T. With An Interactive Trailer And A Talking Paper Bag

Sony have announced yet another new game, P.T., developed by 7780s Studio. “Will you decipher the enigma?” asks the trailer, which is a damn fine question because we have no idea what that game is about.

It appears to be some sort of metaphysical horror game but there is an easy way to discover what the game is as you can play it right now, there should be an interactive demo for the title on the PS Store. At least, there should be, I cannot find it on the PS store via PS4 or the webstore, maybe check in a few hours?

UPDATE: Found it, it does not appear when you search but if you go to Games and them Demos on the store it should pop up, it’s 1.4gb.

Source; YouTube


  1. I seen someone streaming it and clicked on go to ps store and it took me to it. Downloading now

  2. Must stand for PURE TERROR.

    Lemme at it :-)

  3. Played for about five minutes before getting stuck at the baby door thing. Looks fantastic and will have to go back to it at some point.

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