Battlefield Hardline Trailer Shows New Game Mode; Another Beta Inbound

EA wrapped up their lackluster Gamescom conference with Battlefield Hardline, a game you might remember for being delayed into next year after so-so feedback from its beta just after E3. While the majority of the demo showed off the campaign, they did spend a few moments talking about multiplayer at the end, revealing a new game mode called Rescue.


Rescue is a round-based hostage rescue game type that EA says is aimed squarely at e-sports. There are no respawns, and players take the role of either the cops, or members of a drug ring that are holding the hostages captive.

EA also announced that Battlefield Hardline will be getting another beta before it launches, which bodes well for it releasing in better shape than its predecessor, Battlefield 4.

Take a look at the trailer for the new mode and tell us what you think.


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  1. Not sure I’m liking this Cops n Robbers type thing.
    It would be cool if they did something like Pinball Arcade, release a free BF programme/app/game whatever you wanna call it as a basis, then you buy different map packs. Then they could re-release all the Bad Company maps :)
    I know that’ll never happen as they wouldn’t make as much cash.

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