NHL 15 Gamescom Trailer Is All About The Presentation

Although every stream we can find is having issues right in the middle of the NHL 15 presentation, we did manage to snag the official NHL 15 Gamescom trailer.


The video really plays heavy into the presentation, spending most of its time on the crowd, individual fans, and chanting. We don’t get a ton of solid gameplay but it seems like what they showed was pretty good.

NHL 15 will be launching on September 9th for current and last-gen consoles PlayStation and Xbox consoles.



  1. I presume this will be in on EA a access on xbone? Of so sweet I’ll play it for those few days but I can’t see me buying NHL 15 but want to play it. I think FIFA will command a lot of my sports game time in coming months.

    • Oh ok, you mean sometime in the future right? As I was going to say that I wouldn’t expect to see this on Access any time soon. Late 2015 at the latest I would guess (when they are gearing up for 16)?

      • I’m on about the 3 day early access. I don’t expect it to be in the vault early but hope for early access just to try it.

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