Sign Ups For The Crew Closed Console Beta Are Now Open

Ubisoft’s The Crew is shaping up to be a really interesting racing game, and if you were one of the lucky few you may have played it during the PC closed beta in July. There wasn’t really any news of a console beta but all that changes today as along with a new trailer, and an announcement the game is coming to Xbox 360, Ubisoft has opened sign ups for a closed one that starts in late September. Another PC closed beta will also be taking place in August 25th to 29th, and both can be signed up for here.


The trailer shows off a lot of the game modes that you and your crew will experience, from taking down cars to climbing hills as fast a you can. It’s all looking good as we near the November 11th release date.

Source: The Crew Official Site



  1. Signed up, but for some reason I always thought that it was a cross-gen game. The PS4 version is being developed in the UK.

  2. One of the best games coming to PS4. Hope to get on the beta.

  3. Remember how they said they started development for last gen systems, but their vision became too large and could only be fulfilled on the new consoles? Seems they’ve changed their minds.

  4. Signed up for both Playstation and Xbox, should double my chances.

    • You will probably end up getting two codes lol, sod’s law.

  5. I’ve just registered

  6. Thanks for the info! I’m really looking forward to this one.

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