Defiance Now Free-To-Play On PS3

As of today, MMO shooter Defiance is officially free-to-play on PS3. Now anyone can experience Trion World’s unique mishmash of genres which also happens to run alongside the SyFy television series of the same name. We caught the first season and although its not essential viewing, Defiance is definitely worth a watch if quirky sci-fi happens to be your jam.


Those who already purchased a copy of the game will receive special treatment, courtesy of an in-game goody bag. This contains additional character slots, inventory spaces and special items, as well as fair amount of premium currency and 30 days of “Patron” status.

Defiance is currently free-to-play on PC with Xbox 360 set to follow sometime in the near future.



  1. Free is always good…nearly picked this up the other day for £6.00 in Morrisons.
    Sure I played the demo.wasn’t that bad if I remember..

  2. Given how the servers struggle to cope with the people that paid for the game, I’m not so sure going free was a good idea. On the other hand, maybe that gets them more money and they can invest that in making it work properly.

    Apart from the server issues, it’s quite fun. Arkfalls are a particular highlight (watch as dozens of random people all charge to the same bit of the map for a big fight).

    And if you enjoy the TV series (which is quite good, and possibly even better in the second series, which hasn’t been shown in the UK yet, so I don’t know how I could possibly know that) you might get a lot more out of it. (A lot more of the Volge, for instance, who have hardly been in the TV series at all)

    They’re also giving stuff away in the game every week if you go to and type in the code from the latest episode (I think it was “orange” this week), but that only works for a week after the episode airs. In the US. (Obviously, you can find those weekly codes online). That’s included a couple of 15 day “patron passes”. Same as people who bought the game earlier should get.

    Oh, and it’s got plenty of the great Bear McCreary’s music in. That main Defiance theme is quite lovely.

    It’s certainly worth a look now it’s free.

  3. I quite like the TV series, but have no interest in this, free or otherwise..

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