Video: Basic Trading And Flight In Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous might only be in beta right now but it’s already a very good game. There are levels of immersion that might be considered a little obsessive or unnecessary by some but I’m still loving the time I get to spend jumping between systems, buying and selling goods and occasionally engaging in a little bit of space violence.

This video, made at the suggestion of TSA’s ron_mcphatty runs a little longer than intended but it covers the basics of trading, including the marketplace and the galaxy map with its trade routes. Then we jump off to another system to sell our wares and show off the docking system too.

Elite Dangerous is in beta but you can buy your way in for £50, or less if you backed their Kickstarter campaign.


  1. Is my video or does the frame rate chug when docking?

    • might just be the video, there’s certainly nothing in game (although that’ll also depend on the PC running it and the settings, of course)

  2. Well once again as I’m at work I can’t watch the video with sound and our connections so slow I’ve managed to watch about 1 minutes worth of play at the lowest quality known to man, but apart from that, its looking quite good. A lot better than when I played it last on my Spectrum about 25 years ago anyway.
    An autopilot mode would be quite good if you could leave the camera panning around your ship and nearby planets etc.
    Is this just for PC?

    • Yeah, it’s just for PC (and Mac a few months later, AFAIK).
      I’d love to see it on consoles though, especially with Morpheus support.
      When you’re flying, you can click into “headlook” and look around the cabin by moving the mouse and if you’ve got Oculus Rift, this is obviously even more impressive!

    • There is talk of it coming to console but nothing definite at the moment as far as i’m aware

  3. To make it easy to find the docking slot, when you drop out of SuperCruise, select “target ahead” (the station) to show the wireframe model in the bottom left (where the planet is initially). This makes it even easier to spot which side to go to.

    Learnt some tips from this video, thanks. :)

    • The wireframe model only shows up after you’re granted docking permission, I think, but yeah, it helps too :)

      • actually you can target as soon as you drop out of supercruise which is normally 20km, the station will only grant docking when you get to within 7.5km.

  4. I’m always surprised why don’t the big guns of SF make a game like this: Star Wars, Asimov universe, etc etc etc.
    It seems to me the world could pe incredibly vivid and filled with stuff to do if a space game would be set in one of those universes.

  5. Very kind of you to do that Peter, thank you! I really like the sense of vastness, the engine sounds and of course how much of a pain flying is, presumably until you can afford some sort of autopilot anyway. For a beta it’s looking wonderful and already loads more fun than I thought Eve was. Great stuff, looking forward to seeing more as it develops!

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