What We Played #169: Ground Zeroes, MotoGP 14 & All of Gamescom

With another gaming-free week under my belt it is a good job that the others have not all been put off gaming by overdosing on Gamescom videos otherwise there would be nothing for me to tell you about.

Blair finally got around to playing Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes this week, I guess in preparation for the expected Gamescom info-burst on The Phantom Pain.  “I did expect it to be short, but what I didn’t expect was that it would be so shocking!”, he says before adding that, “All in all, it was good and set up the next game quite well – I can’t wait to have a go of the side missions soon.”

He goes on to tease that he has played a “Secret Game” that is not out for a while and he cannot tell us about yet anyway.  Sometimes information is useful and other times it is not.


Having boots firmly on the ground at Gamescom Stefan hasn’t been short of things to play.

I’ve played and seen basically all of the games. Your Assassin’s Creeds, your Batmans, your Until Dawn and on and on.

Personal highlights are tricky, but I’d keep an eye on The Tomorrow People going forward, definitely. A barmy concept that’s very cleverly put together.

I’m not done yet though, and my first appointment for today is with the Dead Island games.

Tuffcub meanwhile has been hammering face buttons as hard as he’s been hitting spreadsheets.

Killzone Shadow Fall, and I am back coming top in every game, as witnessed by some TSA’ers.

Metrico, Proteus, Fez and Road Not Taken – this months PS+ – all of which annoy the hell out of me for various reasons – grid based movement, pixel graphics, instant-deaths, no instructions, whatever. I know it’s summer so they are pushing out smaller titles but it’s the first time I haven’t liked a single game.

P.T. (aka Silent Hills) -which was awesome, if a little confusing.

Borderlands 2 Vita – I’m still working my ass off so B2 is getting a hammering every day to and from work, and sometimes at lunchtimes too. It is brilliant and I can see it keeping me busy for many more commutes. It is the shame the frame rate goes a bit wonk now and then, but you do have to remember this is a end of cycle PS3 game squeezed on to a hand held. You can pick it up for £20 and I highly recommend that Vita owners should buy a copy, how can you refuse the charms of a Claptrap in your pocket?

Dan J has had a week filled with clicks and jumps.

I’ve played more of The Last Of Us, and finally dipped into the multiplayer. I much prefer the survivors game mode where you only have one life each round, as it encourages everyone to work as a team, which is really vital to doing well on it. Of course, you still get those players who go off and do their own thing and get killed instantly – when will they ever learn?

I’ve also finished off my first season in MotoGP 14, which I’m still a big fan of, but I have had the difficulty on easy the whole time, so I think it’s time to bump it up and see how challenging it really gets.

In the last few days I downloaded the P.T. Demo, or Silent Hill thing, which I really liked the idea of, and it gave me quite a jump too. But it was too confusing working out how to progress through the doors.

Last up this week and getting all excited about early September and HDD maintenance is Dom.

This week I’ve completed Ryse, and made a start on Metal Gear Solid – Ground Zeroes. Neither of these experiences is likely to change my life, but they’re both good fun.

I’ve also been clearing my hard drives out, having reached capacity on both my PS3 and PS4 ones – I think I’ll have to get used to regular maintenance of them this generation. It was all in preparation for Destiny. There’s a fun countdown on the download list now – I can’t wait!

What are your own gaming highlights and lowlight of this week?



  1. Mostly The Last of Us Remastered multiplayer, it’s wonderful.

    Other than that a bit of Sniper Elite 3. I also finished Valiant Hearts which was rather good.

    • And the P.T. demo. Couldn’t bring myself to go through another door after passing the hanging fridge – silly really, but it certainly has me interested. I think it would be good played with mates in a dark room – you only have to play for 2 minutes, then pass the controller, to add to the tension!

      Anyone finished the demo?

  2. It’s a really bad sign when a TSA staff (Tuffcub) admits to not liking a single PS+ game this month.

    • Nah it’s just me. Pixels. Friggin PIXEL GRAPHICS,

      • I hate pixel graphics too! I think it’s because it’s like old games, and I mainly want to see cutting edge graphics on these powerful consoles.

        I don’t mind indie games but relying on them for Vita to keep going rather than making big titles has made me start to resent them!!

  3. Took a break from TLoU multiplayer and started the campaign over the weekend. Got as far as finishing up Bills Town. Great game, one which I seem to enjoy more each time I fire it up.

    Also played through Dokidoki Universe for an easy 100% (what a boring game) and made a start on Octodad.

    Playing this was apparently a mistake however as the game froze shortly into chapter 2, corrupting my hard disk data and forcing me to reformat using the console’s Safe Mode. Not impressed at all and am now psyching myself up before downloading all those games/apps/updates again on my 1.2Mbs connection. F**k you Sony :'(

  4. A mixed bag for me this week.
    Finished off the story of Jazz:Trump’s Journey.
    Almost finished Quell Memento (well the main levels anyway, I’ve only done a few bonus stages).
    Played a bit of Metrico and was really enjoying it until I got to the tilt sensor levels and got instantly put off.
    Picked up Serious Sam 3 and Warp from the PSN sale but have only had a quick shot of both.
    Also bought Surgeon Simulator and Hohokum. So far I’ve done the 5 surgeries in the theatre and the 1st in the corridor, it’s highly amusing and a bit tricky.
    I’ve mainly been playing Diablo III on PS3 though to get prepared for UEE on PS4 next week.
    I almost forgot, still playing Trials fusion here and there doing some challenges (after getting all golds and a few platinums for the dlc levels).

  5. Just the last of us MP, managed to get 100% trophies now just need to complete 12 more weeks as hunter then i think online is done. Don’t quite understand or know what grounded is & how I activate it.

    Played P.T, on the vita with headphones on OMG muted the sound that made the game less scary but it’s quiet a good teaser, well done Kojima & delboy

  6. All I’ve played this week is the wolf among us,which I picked up cheap. It’s really good!
    I have spent the rest of the week trying to obtain the gold trophy for getting my new puppy to sleep through the night! :-)

  7. For me I’ve played surgeon simulator which I wish I never bought as it’s too annoying, also Hohokum which is good if I had a clue what was going on. Also started my my second walkthrough of Lego the hobbit. I’ve also had TLoU us come from Amazon as GameStop can go and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  8. Barely any gaming this week, my son has been sleeping really badly and consequentially so have I. I played Proteus on both PS3 and Vita and it was the right game at the right time, pure relaxation. The best way I can describe it is a nice sunday morning walk but in your living room.

  9. Loads of skyrim this week, dark brotherhood quests. Nearly got the platinum tho, 5 trophies left.

  10. I’ve been playing Crisis 3, which I refuse to spell incorrectly because it’s a bit mediocre and the last thing it needs is the encouragement of bad spelling. I’m glad it was a freebie, I’ve always been curious about the series, glad I went and bought Far Cry 3 over this when it had the choice. Nearly done now, next will be Proteus! I do like arty wank :)

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