Freedom Wars Confirmed For October Launch

Sony has announced that upcoming RPG, Freedom Wars, will launch in the US on Tuesday, October 28th. Presumably the much-anticipated Vita exclusive will release a day later in EU territories as part of the regular PSN Store update.

Those who pre-order a digital copy of Freedom Wars (priced at $29.99) will bag themselves bonus content in the form of skins, weapons, and other items including stickers and supplies. This offer will run until November 11th.


Though it’s had its fair share of top-notch titles this year, the PlayStation Vita seems to be going through an odd stage in its life cycle. Despite its slew of indie ports and some impressive exclusive hits, the console was a no-show at this year’s Gamescom conference. Are games like Freedom Wars what Sony needs to boosts the handheld’s profile? We’re such to find out when it touches down this October.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. I can’t wait for this, but October is going to be an expensive month!

  2. Birthday present to self confirmed.

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