Ninja Theory Releases Assets For Cancelled Razer, A Co-op Sci-Fi Game

Ninja Theory has released details on its cancelled game, Razer, which was set to be a co-op sci-fi adventure game where players would team up to take out an alien that had got Earth in its grasp. The game was to take into account both traditional console/PC gaming, and link it to mobile and tablets. By the trailer it looks like people who were playing on tablets would co-ordinate strikes that console and PC players would execute.


Since the creature actually envelopes the whole of Earth it would take thousands of players many months to turn the tide. A snippet of gameplay has been released too, which shows a team of four players battling some aliens that are linked to the bigger creature. It looks like it could have be a fun title, especially with being able to use tools and weapons to create distractions to take down the aliens. I quite like the look of the melee weapons personally.

It’s a shame this didn’t get greenlit, but it has led to Ninja Theory concentrating on Hellblade, which was revealed last week.

Source: Neogaf