Xbox One August Update Available Now

Microsoft have been pretty persistent with the release of updates for the Xbox One, and this month sees another host of new features and fixes go live. A couple of them rectify issues that have been around since launch (like the lack of a low-battery indicator), but most of them expand on good ideas the console already had or add new features requested by the community.

Most notably, the friends list and activity area has received a minor overhaul, making things a bit cleaner and adding the ability to like, comment, and share your friends’ activities on XBO. 3D Blu-ray playback is also added in this update, as is the much-requested option to turn off notifications while video content is playing. Finally, this update allows users to purchase content on the Xbox SmartGlass app and have it immediately download to the console.

Microsoft have announced that we’ll see another round of system updates in both September and October, so you won’t have to wait long for another slew of changes to the console.

Source: Major Nelson



  1. Decent update, the friends gamerscore leaderboard is a nice addition.

    • I think that was pushed to September. I was also under the impression it was meant to be ready for August, but that time has arrived and it’s not even available for most members of the dashboard preview program.

      • Ah I assumed it would be in this update as I’ve had it as part of the preview dash for a week or so.

      • Yep, yet me a couple of friends are all in the preview program and none of us have it. That’s one of the changes I’m looking forward to the most!

  2. Microsoft are doing a pretty stand up job with their regular updates that all seem to add features. Sony need to pull their finger out & start making some much wanted changes rather than ‘software stability’ updates the whole damn time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like my software stable, but when many things are still seemingly missing from the console (with no real explanation as to why) it seems a bit substandard in comparison.

    • Yeah you’re right, the console doesn’t need fixing but the impression is what matters, constant stability updates with no sign of really wantable features is only fuelling the cynical masses. I suppose Sony might be waiting for the one year mark to go crazy with a feature rich version 2, but until then they’re not making us go wow. It’s a shame really because the PS4 seems pretty good, I’d like more media features and others have their wants but I can understand that there’s probably some reason they’re not already in there, Sony are just lagging a bit in the PR department lately. Like you say, they need to pull their finger out. But where is their finger currently residing? I want to say b hole, but then can’t think of how that implies getting on with things, it’s more about general hygiene.

    • Ps4 was already a far more solid system and didn’t need to play firmware catchup lile Microsoft needs to.

      The big stuff is coming in firmware 2.0 and pushes the xbox one back into the dark ages.

      The game sharing feature is a true gsme changer thst again Microsoft have no answer for.

  3. Another solid update. Xbox are walking all over Sony at the moment when it comes to after-sales support. Well done Sony, you’ve sold 10 million units, but how about saying thank you to us with some actual games and firmware updates.

    • What I’m finding interesting is the psychology at play for the consumer. Instead of the ebb & flow of development, perhaps it’s better for Sony to do monthly updates. We’re all used to monthly updates, salary, renewal on minutes/texts on mobiles, etc. If a feature doesn’t make the cut (that month) that’s fine. Other interesting things will, I’m sure. It also gives Sony a deadline each and every month and gives us that “looked after” feeling no matter what actually happens in the update.

      Microsoft definitely has the better pattern and Sony should learn from this.

      • Hadn’t thought about it like that but you’re right. Having those new features each month to look forward to (some more interesting than others of course) is great and puts your mind at rest that Microsoft are always working hard at supporting their new console.
        In terms of Sony and the PS4, at the moment it feels like they’ve taken my £350 and they don’t care now they have my money. Probably not true of course but the lack of interaction with their huge community certainly creates that impression.

      • Another good point, fella. That regular contact will only further the bond between you and the device that’s being well supported.

        Wish I could slap Sony and say “hey… common sense right here!” then explain a few things.

  4. The Xbox One is currently behind the PS4 in terms of raw usability – but it won’t be for long at this rate. The UI is still a right old mess mind you, while the PS4’s is much more intuitive.

    • I hated the X1 firmware initially but I think its surpassed the PS4’s one now.
      It tells you when your friends sign online, games and apps are in two separate sections rather than the PS4’s ever-increasing row, you can pause active downloads, you can change the colour scheme, etc. All little things obviously but the PS4 really needs an update to catch up.

      • Ask any woman & they’ll tell you that its the little things that count.

        Unless its package size they are talking about of course.

      • I still find the X1 a bit too clunky, and yeah the PS4’s list can be unwieldy if you’ve got lots on there. Surprisingly I use the voice control to find what Im looking for and it’s generally accurate.

        I actually love Kinect, it’s the thing that really differentiates the two for me. The killer for the foreseeable future though will be the video playback which seems to be coming to X1 first, as up to this point the PS3 has remained the go-to console for watching anything. Sony really need to roll that out with the 2.0 update or there’ll suddenly be a very clear divide.

      • The UI can be a bit clunky at times but I guess that’s what the pins feature is for. Anything you use regularly (friends, party, games, apps, etc) can just be stuck to that left hand menu for easy access. When Microsoft add the “Friends” tab next month I can see that helping a lot.

    • I find the PS4s horizontal string of applications and games to be absolute shite. Much prefer the grid based Xbox.

      But I do like the top list on PS4, where you find the store and options menu et cetera.

      And the pop-ups on PS4 are seriously ugly, even the PS3 has beautiful ones in comparison.

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