New The Last Of Us Maps Releasing For Free In The Wake Of Matchmaking Issues

If you’ve played The Last of Us: Remastered on PS4 then you’ve probably encountered some terrible matchmaking issues, with wait times being far too long to be seen as reasonable.

Naughty Dog are aware of the issues, and explain that after working closely with other PS4 developers, they’re on their way to fixing it, and it’ll be all sorted within weeks rather than months.


Now, that’s still quite a long time for the game to be broken, so as a goodwill gesture Naughty Dog will be releasing two new Factions maps for free on both PS3 and PS4. That’s nice, providing that you’ll actually be able to get into games and play them.

Details on the new maps will come in the near future, and hopefully they’ll be able to give some good news on the matchmaking situation too.

Source: Naughty Dog



  1. Match making at it’s worst not as bad as GTA but still bad, but I feel it’s getting better though, it has it’s moments

    • What’s the issue with GTA’s matchmaking? I play semi (huh huh, semi) regularly with a bunch of friends & I rarely encounter issues?

      • I had several issues with GTA 5 online at one point,like when trying to join online it zooming out into the clouds eventually zooming back in only to find myself back in single player,I just couldn’t play it online at all at one point got it to work on the odd occasion in a fashion by placing my PS3 in DMZ but that was no guarantee.

      • It quite famously had issues around launch (& for a few months afterwards), but its been perfectly fine for some time now.

        Sure, it takes a while to load the game in general & get into online, but once there, it all works pretty well & chugs through lobbies, loads & games pretty quickly too.

  2. Golden boys ain’t so golden now are they the ‘naughty gods’ lol please

  3. I’ve been playing with a friend quite regularly since the game launched and have had just about no problems with the matchmaking. On the other hand, on PS3 I’ve regularly had to wait about fifteen minutes for it to find a game since the game came out. Strange.

  4. Now I’ve finished the main story, I might dip my toes into the MP. Don’t really do online, so not quite sure what to expect.

    • Just stick with your other 3 team mates. You should do alright then, the moment you go off alone you’re pretty vulnerable.
      I keep getting mixed reactions from the multiplayer.
      Oddly enough as stupid as it sounds, when I’m doing well I think it’s a great multi player game and love it, but when I’m doing bad I normally quit out and curse about how crap the multi player game is and swear to never play it again. lol

  5. I’ve only ever been able to find a game if I select Supply Raid and ‘allow parties’.
    Never managed to get into Survivors or Interrogation on the PS4 version, it seems to continually search for games, then after about 5 minutes I quit trying.
    Tell a lie, I think I may have managed to get on Survivors once.
    I’m glad its not just me having issues then as I wasn’t aware there were any, I’ve been meaning to have a moan for a while.

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