The Makers Of Castle Crashers And Battleblock Theater Tease Their Next Game

The Behemoth, the game development studio behind a couple of very awesome games from last gen, have teased their fourth console game in the video below. We don’t know what it is yet but it looks to have the same quirky theme from their previous titles, and since the teaser says it’ll be playable at PAX Prime, we likely won’t have to wait long to secure a few more details.


The teaser shows a planet of people that resemble those from both Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater, but their peaceful lives are quickly disrupted when a giant bear with six limbs crashes down from space. From there, it appears that chaos erupts, though we’re only given still images with which to gather what might be going on.

Battleblock Theater is one of my most underrated games from last gen, and it sounds like they brought back the wonderful narrator from that game for whatever this new project is. Of course, before that came Castle Crashers, which received pretty much unanimous praise and eventually came to several different platforms.

Speaking of which, the platform this new game will be available on will also be something to keep an eye on. Though Behemoth is no stranger to making games for several different ecosystems, Alien Hominid HD only launched on Xbox 360, Castle Crashers came to Xbox 360 long before it moved on to PS3 and PC, and they left the PS3 out of the equation entirely with their last game. Time well surely tell us if they remain somewhat loyal to the Xbox platform again this time around.

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  1. Hopefully it was a case of PS3 being a pain to code on. Would be a shame if they ignored the PS4.

  2. That is quite possibly the best voice over I’ve ever heard!
    “And I love…. ….It!”
    “I can’t imagine a world without the beeeear”

    • Did you play Battleblock Theater? The same guy does the narration for that one but with a much more silly approach. He’s hilarious!

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