PSN Maintenance Will Put A Dampener On Your Bank Holiday Monday

I doesn’t exactly look like barbecue weather this bank holiday weekend, so there’s bound to be a ton of people in the UK at home on Monday evening, wanting to get a spot of online gaming in. Sony has slightly different plans for your free time.

Between 17:40 BST on Monday 25 August 2014 and 00:50 BST on Tuesday 26 August 2014, PSN is going to undergo maintenance.


The services affected by this and to be taken offline are as follows:

  • PlayStation Store on all devices.
  • PlayStation Network Account Management.
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration.
  • Entertainment services.
  • Online gameplay – however, you may still play online if you are already signed into your SEN account via the relevant device before the maintenance begins.

So, basically no online play on Monday night, but you have to wonder if this a malicious and targetted campaign to deprive UK-based gamers of their precious bank holiday fun times Apparently not, as one of PlayStation’s Online Support Co-ordinators replied on Twitter:

I guess if you want more conveniently timed PSN maintenance, you’ll just have to move country:

Source: Twitter, PlayStation



  1. Sony really fuck me off with this shit. Always on a bank holiday isn’t it? Or everytime I have to spare time to get on.

    Sony, sort your fucking life out and try another day for a change.

    • Am I being a clueless pleb or does it say online play is fine if you’re already signed in? :-\ Won’t that mean your gaming will be okay?

      • They always say this, and from my previous experience it’s nearly always untrue.
        In the past on my PS3 and PS4 (the last BH Monday when they did maintenance) I’ve been signed in playing BF then booted from a game to have the ole ‘you have lost connection to your session’ or whatever it says.

      • It says maybe, and it additionally means that you need to have had the PS3/4 turned on with power saving settings disabled from, let’s say, 4PM, just in case you want to play online with friends at 8 or 9.

        Oh, and all your mates will have had to have done the same. And so will all the other randoms that you plan on playing against.

      • Never works for me even if I’m logged in before the downtime. Just pisses me off its always when I get some time to myself.

      • Ah, I see. Oh, bugger. In that case, you’re all absolutely correct to get pissy/frustrated/angry with them. Give ’em hell! :-)

      • I very rarely have any issues playing online during maintenance :)

      • Lets be honest if you go online and look up Bank Holidays you can find the dates for the next 3 years or so. How hard is it to delay the maintenance by 1 week or even do it a week earlier. FFS Sony somtimes.

      • Always works for me. Some people are clearly too dumb to work it out, or just like to rant.

      • Clearly… Or some people are too dumb to read properly Mr Blighty.
        “Online gameplay – however, you ‘MAY’ still play online if you are already signed into your SEN account via the relevant device before the maintenance begins.”

  2. I

    • I don’t play online so the maintenance rarely affects me.

  3. When does this maintenance ever actually stop anyone doing anything though? At worst, you can’t use the store. So it’ll save you money. Online play never seems to be affected.

  4. “•Online gameplay – however, you may still play online if you are already signed into your SEN account via the relevant device before the maintenance begins.”

    This us utter BS, I always login before hand yet it still doesn’t work for me on any device.

    • Snap! Just said similar above.

      • I keep it on, but I get kicked and then can’t get back online. The frequency of the maintenance sucks really now that I’m paying for online access on PS4. Oh well, not the end of the world.

        If it does work for me, I’ll eat my hat. And most probably come cake.

      • Come Cake hey? Is Mary Berry aware of this?

      • That’ll explain the constant references by said Berry and sidekick Hollywood during that Baking show to “soggy bottoms”….eurgh!!

        I’ve only ever encountered issues once during a Gran Turismo Monday meet with the background maintenance, otherwise everything’s been spangley.

        We really should consider moving our TGMEM meet to another weekday I guess but it’s been a Monday tradition for several years now…..old habits and all that shizz. ;)

  5. Great timing again, wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve got more maintenance lined up for 9th September.

  6. You watch, they will schedule a special back holiday sale on the store for the Monday that you won’t be able to access because of the maintenence. That’s how dumb they are.

    • Haha. That’s exactly the sort of thing they do!

  7. Let me guess, improved stability. How much more stable can it get?

    • Thats depends on how far you’re willing to go. You could start to insert some hay and straw into the disc drive & USB ports, then possibly steal a steam roller, flatten a horse, fold it up and try and force that into the drive too.

      • No way man. I like my PS4 the way I like my Tesco Lasagne. Horse free.

      • Why wouldn’t you want horse in your lasagne? Horses taste great!

        At least, they do according to that advert for the magazine from a few years back. I’m pretty sure the song went “I love horses, best of all the animals, I love horses, eat them up, yum!”

        It’s quite possible I’m remembering it wrong though. There was definitely a magazine for girls that like horses. Possibly it came with a bit of horse each month. And after 14 years, you’d have collected a big pile of rotting horse flesh. Maybe it wasn’t a real horse they gave you?

      • I’m convinced the burgers I was eating once on holiday in Barbados were actually horse as they didn’t taste anything like normal ‘beef’ burgers. Plus I didn’t see a single cow on the island but loads of horses in fields. In all honesty, the burgers were bloody nice too.

      • @MrYd – I’m actually subscribed to that magazine! It’s still going and it’s amazing. My dead horse is coming along nicely now. Kinda resembles one of those zombie horses from Red Dead Undead Nightmare but without the bones. Apparently the magazine doesn’t provide the bones due to excessive shipping costs (now they tell me) so you have to get them yourself and it’s proving to be quite a task. Have you ever tried to catch a horse? It’s pretty difficult, let me tell you. Especially with no feet – but that’s a whole other story right there. See, there was an incident a few months ago…. with a ceiling fan… I was doing handstands in the front room (as I usually do before I meet the lads for a few pints) when bam… I put a hole in the wall with my foot. So I went into the back room where there was a bit more space (and a ceiling fan) and well, you know the rest. Yes, I’m really tall. Or… I was.

        @double-o – You think you were eating horses but what you were actually eating was a bunch of ground up tourists who were ‘missing’ from the area. I’ve had tourists before and you’re right they’re bloody delicious. I don’t mind horse meat either to be fair. Ththththththththth.

        Hey, we should all meet up…

      • When it comes to Tesco Lasagne horse is the least of your worries. Trust me, I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who may or may not have stacked the shelves until he turned up with a hangover one day. That guy, we was never seen again.

      • No Steelhead, that guy… it was me. And I am…

        your father! Dun dun dunnnnnn!

      • I’m beginning to think it may be us who need the stability updates, mental ones.

      • Ate a horse steak in Spain some years back.It didn’t taste to bad but damn it was tough.
        I generally prefer my tesco lasagne without the hint of fraud though.

  8. Well, now that the service is no longer free, I feel like complaints are truly justified.

    Do Microsoft do the same thing, or have they found a better way to handle maintenance?

    • Exactly this. I pay to have a working network. Having loads of downtime means I should get a refund IMO. It effects my gaming and it pisses me off now that I have no choice but to pay for P+. I wouldn’t mind so much if we got some decent free games, other than Indie shit all the time.

      • I feel the same. Although there was some awesome games a few months back, they perhaps released too many big ones at the same time, and now it’s quite a lot of indie.
        I didn’t mind at first but now they’re basically using them to keep Vita afloat I strongly resent them, want some big games for Vita.
        And I think we’ll have a case if it maintenance carries on!

  9. I’ll be away from my PS4 on Monday so won’t be effected by it.this time!

  10. All about SW4 this weekend!!

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