Community Round-Up: 23/08/14

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for quite a while, with F1 back from the summer break and it also being one of my favourite circuits – Spa Francorchamps. Mercedes are already looking dominant, but behind them it’s looking closer than ever with several teams bringing upgrades.

Anyway, enough of me rambling about F1, let’s get started with this week’s Community Round-Up!

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Looking at the Meets, it seems there will be the usual GT6 on Monday, hopefully some Red Dead on Wednesday, and finally the regular BF4 on Friday night.

If you’ve got more than 250 TSA Points and none of those games are your thing, then feel free to create your own Meet.

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Beginning our look at the articles with the Reviews, we had a mixed bag this week. At the top of the pile was Diablo 3 for PS4. Earning itself an impressive 9/10, Dom described the dungeon crawler as “a fantastic release of an already great game.”

The next game was Disgaea 4, which Jim gave a solid 7/10 to the Vita game that has plenty of content to keep fans busy. Lastly, Crimsonland sounds like a game to steer clear of, as it was given a 3/10. Tuffcub describes it as a game that “looks and plays like a student project from 2004.” Ouch!

Onto more positive things, and the Previews fresh out of Gamescom show we’ve got a lot of great games to look forward to. Tef explains why he’s once again excited for Until Dawn, and how co-op in AC Unity is going to be interesting, with the flexibility offered by the personalised abilities and skills.

Batman: Arkham Knight certainly got a lot of attention at E3, and it sounds like the game has been progressing well, while Below is an interesting take on the dungeon crawler genre, set beneath the surface of a mysterious island. Cities: Skylines looks like it could be the city building game that SimCity fans are looking for, while Blair fell in love with the odd game that is Hohokum.

Tef also interviewed Jonty Barnes, Director of Production, about all things Destiny, before he got some insight into Dead Island 2, as Senior Producer Carsten Lindner talked to him and he went hands on with the game.

A Matter Of Perspective returned after a short break with Red Faction Guerilla, while stylish endless runner ALONE appeared on Mobile Watch with Blair, and Sleeping Dogs was revisited in PlayBack by Sam.

Turning to the Blogs, Matt wrote about the problems of nostalgia and returning to Halo 2’s multiplayer, while Blair explained why Surgeon Simulator could be a perfect way to revive Move. 

The latest game to get the WeView treatment was Dark Souls II, as the overall Verdict for inFamous Second Son was to Sale It. Meanwhile in the Chronicle, Stefan looked at Tomb Raider exclusivity, SharePlay and microtransactions in Assassin’s Creed.

Ending the articles how we always do, there’s What We Played #170 from Greg, while the whole team was back for Episode 151 of the Podcast.

Instead of just posting about the same old threads that are getting continuously updated, I’ve had a quick dig through the forums for threads that I think could do with further discussion since they were first created:

  • GTOWN’s thread was all about PS4 Firmware. 6 Months on, are there still features you’re waiting for, or have some of your original wishes already been granted?
  • A few months ago, Roy was asking the question ‘was it worth it?‘ for his shiny new console. A lot of you agreed with his opinions, but has your answer changed now you’re game library will have undoubtedly increased?
  • The Screenshots thread hasn’t seen much action recently, perhaps you’d like to show off some of your shots from The Last of Us’s Photo Mode or any other games you’ve played recently?

Fingers crossed we can spark some new conversations, so get stuck in and I’ll see you next week – bye!



  1. I’d post a lot in the screenshot thread but it’s just a major hassle. Tweet image from ps4, go on laptop, get image from Twitter, save to file hosting site, post link in forum, resize until it fits. Takes me about half an hour to actually put 1 image in there so I don’t bother. Shame because it was a great looking at other people’s pics.

    • Hmm that is a ballache, can’t you link in the forum directly to a picture on twitter?
      Might have a look at Roynaldos thread, I quickly bought and sold a PS4 as it was a silly impulse but when I needed the cash for other things. I really liked it, the social and share stuff didn’t really suit the way I used the machine but it was very slick and a nice small unit. Lovely controller too.

      • Yeah, just a link to Twitter would be better than nothing!

    • I seem to recall Youles finding a solution to this a while back that made it a more bearable task to post pictures on the forum, I’m sure that it was simplified to tolerable levels. Check the screenshot forum past pages for details if I remember ;)

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