Explore The Personalities Of People In PS4 Title Pillar

Game designer Michael Hicks has announced Pillar for the PS4, describing it as as a collection of psychological mini games. These mini games have been designed around the different personalities people have, from introverts to extroverts, and those who are more logical to those who favour being guided by their emotions. There’s as story here as a group of individuals each search for an artifact that grants a lot of knowledge, with the events unfolding through the mini games.

Pillar’s story won’t be told through dialogue or cutscenes, but through the gameplay itself, with Michael stating his opinion that trying to makes games to much like films are leading the industry in the wrong direction. The game has been influenced by projects done by Jonathan Blow, the Myers-Briggs test which examines personality tests, and the film Magnolia.


There’s no release date for Pillar just yet.

Source: PS Blog