OlliOlli Kickflips Its Way Onto PS3 & PS4 This Week

OlliOlli was one of those games that I found difficult to put down, when it came out way back in January. Once I got past the tricky and ever-so-slightly counterintuitive control scheme, I was hooked. Following a release a few months ago on Steam, Roll7’s addictive 2D skating game has made its way from the PS Vita to the PS3 and PS4, landing with this week’s regular store update today in the US, and tomorrow in the EU. If you already own the game on Vita, the other versions come free as part of cross-buy.

All told, it’s a pretty straight up port of the Vita version, but gives you the benefit of much larger and less fiddly analogue sticks on the DualShock 3 and 4. However, all three versions will now feature friends leaderboards – with the Vita getting a patch today – so that you can directly compare yourself to your chums online. There’s also cross-save, so you can pick up right where you left off from one version to the next.

Studio Director, Simon Bennett said, “Shahid and Spencer at PlayStation in London pretty much insisted we did the port after the first day’s success, it was totally unexpected and took a while to sink in! We have since been working our collective balls off to bring OlliOlli to PS3 and PS4 – it could not have happened without the diligence and hard work from BlitWorks in Spain and Sam, our QA Manager here.”

Speaking of Sam, he’s going to be trying to set a record, putting his months of hard work testing the game to good use to try and beat the Amateur and Pro modes of the game on PS4 in under 2 hours. You can catch his efforts over on Twitch at 4PM BST, if you fancy seeing someone who really knows how to play the game trick his way through to the end.

He’s bound to put my own efforts to shame…



  1. I wonder what retarded price this goes on sale for?!

    • It’s retroactively cross-buy, so it’s £7.99. There’s going to be a 10% launch discount, or 20% for PS+.

      Other than that, your language and tone was unreasonably harsh.

      • I know TSA have a hard on for the fellas at Roll7, so apologies if I offended. £8 is still mental.

      • If it’s not worth it to you, then it’s not worth it to you, but your tone was generally objectionable and derogatory regardless of the game and developer in question.

      • I absolutely LOVE skateboarding games, but let’s be real, this is appalling. Awful controls, level design, animation, music, menus… in fact I honestly can’t think of anything positive to say about it. Sorry!

      • Also, it’s called an ollie.

  2. I’m wondering why this game would come to PS3 at all even though I’m sure it’s a great little title on the Vita. Is it likely to sell loads, show off the system or become a cult title? Just because they can port it, doesn’t mean they should.

    • It’s just as good, if not better on home console, and considering the critical reaction and user reviews on metacritic, it’s already something of a cult hit.

      Clearly the game was successful enough on the PS Vita to not only fund their future projects but also let them hire a third party to handle porting the game across. Heck, just the fact that they were able to afford the cost of issuing a few patches is indication enough that the game did well.

      Depending on your personal taste, it’s addictive arcade-y fun, so why not put it out in as many places as possible?

      • Stefan, you’re right. All well reasoned arguments for the port to PS4 and PS3. Good luck to Roll7, all associated with the game and future releases.

        I’m going to drop my ‘cynical hat’ in the bin and be a little more positive.

  3. Success has never sounded so bad reading these comments! I grabbed the game on Vita for around £5 (I always buy credit at a discount too), great to get it cross buy on the other two consoles I own. The price of Indies generally are a little high but are usually on PS+ discount at launch or on sale within 6 months…

  4. A great game, not a natural at it but it is very satisfying when you get something right in it. Great work from Roll7! Will love to try it on the big screen, especially with cross save! :-)

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