Pokémon Fighting Game From Tekken Developers On Its Way

There has been rumours of a Pokémon fighting game coming from Tekken developers Bandai Namco for a long time, and now the title – named Pokkén Tournament – has been confirmed by The Pokémon Company.


Unfortunately, the game is only coming is only coming to Japanese arcade machines at first (next year), and there are no details of a release here in the UK – or the US for that matter – nor a version for Wii U.

It’s likely that Nintendo will push for this, with Bandai Namco already working on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and the arrival of a trailer on the Western Pokémon YouTube page can only be a good sign.

Source: Pokémon.com



  1. Interesting! Lets face it, anything that could be a potential Wii U exclusive has to be a good thing, and it’s bound to make plenty of money if so.

    Could someone just make Pokemon Stadium for Wii U though? That seems like a much better idea.

    • Yeah, it is surprising they haven’t gotten around to a console game that links to the handheld version yet, they already skipped it for gen 5 and gen 6 is gonna have it’s 2nd set of games soon.

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