Desert Ashes Brings Free To Play Turn Based Strategy To Vita & PS TV

A new free to play title for the Vita has been announced by Luc Bernard, and it is called Desert Ashes. The game is a free to play turn based strategy title, which support online multiplayer as well as local but the latter looks like it will only be for the PlayStation TV. When Desert Ashes launches it will have three single player campaigns as well as the multiplayer aspect, which is a little different to standard types.

The way online multiplayer works in Desert Ashes means that you don’t have to be online at the same time as the other player. You make a move and then wait for your opponent to do the same. To avoid games lasting forever as players forget to continue timers can be set, at 5 minute, 20 minute, 8 hour, and 24 hour limit options available. If a player fails to make a move in that set limit then they automatically forfeit the game.


Each turn is also an in game hour which leads to the environment changing, for example water freezing as temperatures drop. There will also be perks available that give different advantages, with one called Fort Toughness that adds 20% defence to fortifications. There isn’t a release date and the team does want the community to give ideas for skins, stages, and other designs.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. It’ll be interesting to see if more games roll with PSTV only features too.

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