Doctor Who Comes To Minecraft On Xbox, While Great Britain Is Recreated On PC

Two extremely British things will be featured in Minecraft. Unfortunately, one of them is official and exclusively for Xbox, while the other is fan-created for PC. Those two things are Doctor Who costumes for your characters on Xbox, and a faithful recreation of Great Britain on the PC version.

Because they’re on separate platforms, you won’t be able to recreate your favourite Britain-based Doctor Who scenes in the game, but on Xbox you will get to play as six of the thirteen incarnations of The Doctor, including one resembling the latest, who is played by Peter Capaldi and made his debut last weekend. You’ll also be able to play as their companions.


This first pack is available on Xbox Live for £1.99, and also includes some Doctor Who baddies including The Daleks and Zygons. There will be more packs on the way, as part of a deal with BBC, which sees more characters from the show’s 50 year legacy being added. There’s no word on whether these will land on other platforms.

Now, this next one won’t cost you any money if you’ve got the PC version of Minecraft, and it comes as a faithful recreation of Britain within the game. It’s not just the surface that looks like the British landscape, but if you dig down underneath you can expect to see an accurate representation of what lies below. You can download it here, but you’ll need 6GB free space on your PC as well as a copy of the game.



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  1. Skins don’t excite me as much as texture maps but the Britain map sounds cool – but 6GB jeez!
    What would be really great on the next-gen versions of Minecraft would be the ability to share levels/maps directly with others, instead of the current fiddly workaround we have on PS3/360.

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